Sanur guide

Located on the southeast coast of Bali, Sanur has long been the island’s resort of choice for those looking to enjoy a peaceful beach based holiday. Surrounded my miles of sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, Sanur is the very definition of a tropical paradise in the 21st Century.

Sanur overview

Centrally located beach town well suited for families.
The museum Le Mayeur is a must see for art lovers.
The stretch of sand is thin and the waters calm - great for children.
Great cheap local food, sushi, Italian and a Swedish café, Sanur has it all.
Very few bars stay open until late. Kuta is less than 30 minutes away.
With kids
The beach is well suited for kids and children friendly activities nearby.
Spa and massage
Coffee, coconut milk and tea treatments are among many the many options.
Active holiday
Head to the local tour operator for adventure trips.
You can dive and snorkel in Sanur, but you find better options further north.
Can't compete with Bali's top surf spot, but there's a couple of spots
Time from airport
30-40 min by car

Modern buildings are mixed in seamlessly with the older, more traditional town houses and the whole area is incredibly well looked after. There are many stunning vistas available for visitors to view as they walk around Sanur, as not only is the highly manicured coastal town a feast for the eyes in its own right, it also contains a few precious delights like the historic Blanjong Pillar and Museum Le Mayeur.

What’s more, the layout of Sanur is incredibly tourist friendly. Almost all of the hotels and holiday villas are located within 5 – 10 minutes walk to the beach. Though really as the entire town is only a few miles wide, it doesn’t ever take long to get to any part of Sanur, even when walking. There is one main road that runs through the entire town, the Ji Bypass Ngurah Rai, which acts as an excellent reference points for visitors trying to not get lost when exploring the town itself.

Given that Sanur isn’t very large, most of the town center is dedicated to restaurants and shops. For the most part the shops and markets are pretty much the kind that you’d expect to find in any seaside tourist town (local souvenirs, crafts, t-shirts, etc), but there are a few hidden gems to be found by those willing to spend the time to look.

For people who crave a bit of adventure on their holidays, Sanur also offers a wide range of water based activities. Nothing quite beats the experience of diving through the crystal clear waters around Sanur on a bright sunny day. The wondrous glimpses of the underwater kingdom of Bali will stay in your memory for a lifetime. If you want something a bit more actively exciting, you can always try your hand at waterskiing or kite surfing, both of which are sure to gets your adrenaline flowing.

The other great thing about Sanur is that it is very well situated in relation to several of the other major tourist areas on the island. Both Kuta and Ubud and not much more than a short taxi ride away, so if peaceful tropical relaxation starts getting a bit too much and you want to get out and about exploring the island, that is very easy to do from Sanur.

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