Candidasa guide

Between the mountains and the Bay of Amuk you can catch a glimpse of ancient Balinese culture, shimmering lotus lagoons and secluded trails leading up to Mt. Agung.

Candidasa overview

Quite seaside town in a rural setting.
A visit to the local temple or The water temple (Tirta Gangga) 20 min. Away.
Small pockets of sand makes up the beach.
Several good places with ocean view.
Most restaurants double as bars, but don't expect any nightlife.
With kids
Kids might feel a little isolated.
Spa and massage
Last count, said three places for spa and massage
Active holiday
Trek through local villages, rice fields and rainforest.
Only for experienced divers. Local tour operators can take diving further up the coast
Don't count on it, but you might find a break around Candidasa in the wet season
Time from airport
1½-2 hours

Candidasa is full of fascinating beauty and a rich history. You can pay a visit to the traditional Tenganan village and watch the locals weave, bathe in the royal pools at the ancient water palace or hike through the green rice fields into the shadow of the great volcano.

At high tide you may lose the beaches of Candidasa altogether, but never fear only 5 km up the road you can find the secret spot of Pasir Putih. This breathtaking pale sand beach is fringed with swaying palms, and cool blue coral waters. Explore the Warungs, relax with a traditional massage or simply soak up the sun. Candidasa is also a prime spot for diving, you can splash your way underwater to Shark Junction and come eye to eye with numerous sharks, Manta Rays and Ocean Sunfish.

There are plenty of little treasures to be found in Candidasa, you can take home woven baskets, traditional sarongs, gorgeous silks and a whole host of Indonesian Archipelago handcrafted goods. The famed double ikat fabric Geringsing is produced in the village of Tenganan. Most of the products are produced and sold by local families so if you buy from the independent shops you are also helping to support the community.

The coastal road of Candidasa is lined with quaint little cafes serving up local specialties and drinks. You can indulge in a cold beer and satay lilit whilst watching the sun sink like a stone into the bay. Close to the Lotus Lagoon you can find Legenda the only hotspot offering live music in the town. Otherwise nightlife is fairly limited.

Candidasa is over spilling with treats for all kinds of travelers. If you are looking for a laid back beach vibe, a taste of traditional culture, or to discover Indonesian nature then Candidasa provides the perfect stage to indulge in Indonesia.

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