Amed guide

One of Bali’s most unspoiled destinations offers crystal clear waters, quite beaches and grants you access to Bali’s most famous dive site – The Liberty wreck at Tulamben.

Amed overview

A 10 km long string of idyllic fishing villages.
Beautiful temples, Balinese village life and salt production.
Black and brown sand beaches.
Excellent seafood and a couple of upscale options.
Occasional local band live performances.
With kids
Mini zoo, village life and the beach.
Spa and massage
Look for spas in the hotels and resorts.
Active holiday
Good trekking options and Mt. Agung waiting to be climbed.
Good snorkelling and scuba sites. The popular US Liberty wreck is located 30 min up the coast.
Amed is not a surf town, but when conditions are right you can catch a wave.
Time from airport
2-2½ hours

Amed is a 10 km stretch of coastal villages along Bali’s north-east coast, about 2 and a half hour drive from Denpasar airport.

The black, grey and brown sand beaches and crystal clear waters make Amed the perfect location for beach relaxation or underwater exploration. In the waters surrounding Amed you find some Bali’s best snorkeling and scuba diving sites. The most famous being the wreck of the 120 meter long World War II transporter USS Liberty located half an hour north of Amed in Tulamben.

For people who rather stay above water, a sailing or fishing trip off Ameds coast offers spectacular views of the coast with Mount Agung towering in the background or gives the opportunity to reel in some mackerels.

Mount Agung about 40 minutes from Amed offers excellent trekking opportunities and those with taste for adventure can try climbing all 3.142 meters of Bali’s highest mountain.

Located at the foot of Mount Agung Bali’s largest and most sacred Hindu temple, Besakih attracts tourist, not only from Amed, but from all over Bali. This complex of temples consists of at least 18 separate temples and numerous shrines.

At Tirta Gangga also known as The Water Palace, a 20 minute drive from Amed you can explore the beautiful lush gardens scattered with ponds and stone cut statues and swim in a pool originally designed for royalty.

Amed is perfect for discovering the Bali’s above and under water wonders without the hustle and bustle of the towns further South.

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