Nusa Penida Guide

On Nusa Penida you can truly adapt to a desert island getaway with limited tourist infrastructure this place is all about exploring the island, swimming in waterfalls and trekking the rugged coastal cliffs.

This off the beaten track south east island is renowned for being an unofficial tropical bird sanctuary. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature, the wild cries of endangered starlings and much more.

With limited tourism the beaches of Nusa Penida are largely untouched. Crystal Bay is among the most spectacular with diamond shining waters and soft white sands – most days you can be truly blessed in having the whole bay to yourself. World class diving on this island offers keen participants the chance to swim with the fabulous Sunfish known as Mola Mola and giant Manta Rays.

Being so far from the beaten track, Nusa Penida has little to none in terms of shopping facilities. With only one ATM machine on the entire island be sure to bring enough currency with you to support your stay. Due to the island being sparse in natural water little grows in Nusa Penida. Even basic food supplies are brought in via boat so you should expect to pay slightly higher prices than on the mainland. There are also no tourist luxuries to splurge on. It’s the perfect opportunity to totally escape from the humdrum of everyday and immerse in a different side of life.

Nusa Penida is not the place to go if you are seeking nightlife. The island is better suited for those wanting to escape the crowds, relax in untouched rural settings and indulge in local hospitality. There are some small eateries mainly roadside Warungs serving up the catch of the day. You can witness the awe inspiring local entertainment of traditional dance

For a spiritual journey into the heart of Indonesia’s nature Nusa Penida offers the ultimate escape.