Lovina Guide

Seven villages, a stretch of black sand and enchanting hot springs make up Lovina. This calm little hub in the north provides the perfect escape from the bustle of the south.

Lovina overview

A row of slow paced beach towns on the north coast.
Singaraja- the old capital of Bali, temple and dolphin watching.
Black sand beaches with calm waters.
Join a cooking course and cook your own dinner.
Live music and a few clubs.
With kids
Water sports, dolphins, fishing trips and gentle waves.
Spa and massage
More low-key than the spas in the south and so are the prices.
Active holiday
Hiking and cycling through rice fields and green hills.
Nearby Puri Jati and Menjangan island are top dive sites.
The sea is generally too calm for surfing.
Time from airport
3-4 hours

You can take a boat trip to watch the dolphins splash out in the gentle surf, soak in the therapeutic waters of the Banjar Hot Springs and linger in the Brahma Vihara Arama Buddhist Monastery. Luscious green gardens, tiny winding streets and numerous easy going cafes provide the backdrop for a magical experience in this north coast beach town.

Calm waters with bobbing bright perahu line the shores, the black sand beaches of Lovina are simply stunning to behold. In contrast to the crashing waves of the south – here the waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. You can snorkel around the local reefs or take a trip with the popular ‘Spice Dive’ to explore the offshore islands.

The main activity of Lovina can be found in the small center of Kalibukuk. Here you can peruse the local shops selling T-shirts, handmade crafts and a number of souvenir style trinkets. Popular in the area is the wooden carved dolphin statues – replicated after the wonderful statue on the coastal road of Jalan Bina Ria. In Singarja you will find at least two largish supermarkets selling a wide array of groceries including some western style choices.

Despite the nightlife being laid back there are still quite a number of places to wile away your evenings. Plenty of restaurants hug the coastal stretch along with several cafes. There are two nightclubs in town for those who fancy donning their dancing shoes and throwing shapes until the stars come out. The Warung Bali is one of the oldest warungs in Kalibukuk and a great spot for singing along with the locals.

Picturesque, calm and charming sums Lovina up in a nutshell. For a slice of Bali that still holds an authentic stamp with its undisturbed beaches, green mountains and strong local spirit, Lovina should be your top choice.