What Our
Customers Say

Several of our customers have been kind enough to take time to give us feedback on how they think we are doing. We really appreciate the kind words we receive, but we are just as happy when you tell us how we can improve our services.

We know that is the only way we continuously can improve our website and services, so please contact us if you have something on your mind.

Viraj Parekh, India.

Viraj Parekh and his wife stayed in Villa Kubu in Seminyak.

Viraj had arranged a surprise honeymoon in Bali for his wife – what a man! We came by for a short visit and were glad to hear that beautiful newlyweds had had a wonderful time in Bali.

Here is a bit of what Viraj had to say about their honeymoon in Bali:

The villas we stayed in were amazing!! Kubu was very warm and cozy while Ziva villa was very modern!  I would recommend anyone staying in villa Ziva to take the honeymoon package – completely worth it.If I was to describe Vilondo’s service with a few words it would be “Excellent and personalized”.
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Sarah Jay Oliver, Australia

Sarah stayed with three friends in Villa Antara in Kuta, relaxing and enjoying southern Bali’s famous beaches and nightlife.

When we asked Sarah for a bit of feedback and we got the below back from her, it almost made us blush.

Hey, Thanks so much for everything. The trip was great and the villa was perfect.

We will definitely be sure to book our villa again through you when we come back. The most perfect villa in the world.

Booking our accommodation through Vilondo was the best decision we ever made!

I travelled to Bali with 3 other friends and the staff at Vilondo found us the best villa to suit our needs.

The service was incredible and better yet, extremely affordable.

Only the best Villas are on offer with Vilondo and there is not one complaint I could make. The booking was quick and easy and I have no doubt in my mind that when I return to Bali, I will definitely be booking my villa through Vilondo again.

Thanks so much for the service, you’re the best and most convenient company out there!



Mike Oakland, USA

After a trip round Bali Mike and his girlfriend Chihiro wanted to finish their trip off in luxury at Villa Downtown in Seminyak.

We booked our villa through Vilondo when my girlfriend and I visited Bali.

The accommodations were great and the Vilondo staff was incredibly cooperative in helping us find a place that fit our needs and budget.

Maheswari d/o Olakanatam, Singapore

Maheswari enjoyed the good life in Bali and the company of five friends in the three bedroom Villa Riverside.

I am extremely satisfied with your service, in fact I expect the rest of the villas to respond to me like how you did.

I will definitely stay in one of Vilondo’a villas when I return to Bali!

Gillian Somedjo-Gonsalves, Holland

Gillian, her husband and their two children had been travelling through Java before coming to Bali for some realxing days by the pool at Villa Antara.

Overall I found the service was excellent.

The first night when we arrived at the villa, we were greeted by the “caretaker” who explained all the services you provided, so that was really great. Also we were very much surprised when we ordered dinner from the restaurant; they came in and began setting the table. That’s something I have never seen here in Europe.

We also found having beach towels for us to use was something we did not expected. We brought our own so if I had known it would have saved me a few kilograms 🙂

Also the extra service provided the day of departure is worth mentioning. We were allowed to use the villa until our airport pick-up came.  (We had already packed before the check-out deadline and luggage allowed to remain until transfers)

Thanks again for the wonderful and pleasant stay at your villa.