When to go to Bali

Nusa Dua

When you should go to Bali, really depends on what you are looking for. The good news is that Bali can be visited all year round.

Weather and climate

You generally get the best weather in the dry season (April – October), but Bali’s climate is still good in the wet season (November – March) although you should expect a shower in the afternoon. Read more about Bali’s weather and climate.

Avoiding the crowds

An advantage of travelling to Bali in the wet season is that it is less touristy.  That means that prices – particular on accommodation – are lower than in high season. It also means that you can visit Bali’s many sights and popular locations without the crowds you sometimes meet in the high season.

Holidays, festivals and events

All through the year Bali is the host of several festivals and events, so you might want to decide when to go to Bali based on the dates of those – here is a list of Bali’s major festivals and events.

Another factor to consider is Bali’s many holidays that you might want to experience – or avoid. Due to Bali’s unique calendar system most of the Balinese holidays come around every 210 days. Read more about Bali’s holidays.