Bali festivals and events

All through the year Bali hosts a number of festivals and events. Among the major events you find arts-, kite- and traditional village festivals. See when and where the different Bali festivals and events are held.

Bali spirit festival (March)

An annual festival held in Ubud with a spiritual focus. The Bali spirits festival runs for 5 days where you can experience international musicians, join yoga or healing workshops and participate in dance events.

Folk Art Festival of Buleleng (April or May)

The traditional art festival of North Bali. Experience traditional dance and music performances in Singaraja and the nearby villages during this one week celebration of local culture.

Bali kite festival (June or July)

In June or July kite enthusiast gather just north of Sanur and compete in various events, from best kite design to flight skills. With hundreds of colorful kites in the skies – some more than 10 meters in length – the Bali kite festival is an impressive sight.

The Bali kite festivals website is currently shut down, so google is the best way to find information as the festtival dates usually gets announced on Bali related news sites.

Bali Art festival (June – July)

The Bali art festival is a one month celebration packed with Balinese dance and music performances and exhibitions of local crafts. The opening ceremony and parade in Denpasar are spectacular.

Ubud writers and readers festival (October)

Writer workshops, spoken word events, book launches and performing arts are among the activities on this festival that brings together readers and writers.

Kuta Karnival (October)

Kuta Karnival is held on Kuta beach. Sand sculpture competition, surf, competitions, sea turtle release, kites, Balinese arts and a food festival are usually a part of the program. The festival is leading a turbulent life, so it is difficult to say much of future events.

Sanur village festival (November)

Centered on around Matahari Terbit Beach the Sanur village festival invites you to join in or experience activities like morning yoga, beach activities, various competitions, dance and music shows, food bazars and much more.