Bali only has two seasons

Bali – located six degrees south of the equator – is a tropical island famous for its endless summer.  Most of the year the sun rises at about 6am and sets around 6pm. Cold nights, frozen toes and bags of woolly warmers are all things of the past once you step foot on this tropical oasis. Warm days and perfect balmy nights all year around is what is in store for you.

Bali is so close to equator that there are only two seasons:

  • Dry season
    from April to October
  • Wet season
    from November to March

The wet season is not that different from the dry season though. The main difference is half-hour to an hour serious rain in the afternoon, perfect for a siesta. The sky is still blue, and the temperature high.

Climate Table

More weather charts

When should you go?

July – September is the big tourist holiday period for international visitors and during this period you should expect higher prices and many more tourists.

Wet season is said to be low season, where the villa, hotel and activity prices are marked down to encourage more guests and dry season is high season. So if you are ok with an hour’s seista with some rain often during the afternoon, then you can save a lot of money on your vacation travels. The benefit of travelling in the wet season is that there are also many less tourists for you to have to share you piece of paradise with!

Wet or dry, Bali is a tapestry of beauty, perfection and rich culture that is just waiting to be explored. Pack smart, always bring a rain jacket and light cotton clothes that breathe to enjoy the weather –  you are on holiday after all!