Lombok Guide

The softer side of Indonesia is waiting to welcome you. Lombok is only a step away from the thick and fast mainland of Bali, yet dreaming on the soft sands in the shade of a volcano – you will feel worlds apart.

Only recently has Lombok upped the stakes in the tourism game, meaning that more people are making the hop to find their piece of perfection. With tumbling waterfalls, the looming beauty of Mt Rinjani and snaking white fringed beaches you may find the paradise you have been looking for.

Known as the ‘unspoilt Bali’ Lombok has many heavenly beaches on offer. Whatever style you are seeking to suit your postcard vision – you can find; from rugged golden coasts with crashing waves to clean, green and serene with sugar coated sands and gentle lapping waters. You can dive down in the clear waters to discover another world or cast your line to fish for supper out past the reef breaks.

Lombok can prove a pure delight for those who love to rummage for a bargain. In the large market of Sweta you can find some beautiful handicrafts; from ceramics to clothes. If you are searching out bright and unique fabrics you can stop by one of the textile factories and let your imagination run wild. In the charming villages you can find local masks and woodwork hand carved by the villagers. There is always something special to take home from Lombok.

Lombok is a gentle island offering calm nights away from the bright lights of Bali. Instead of all out partying you can opt for beers in a local beachside hut, cocktails at exquisite bars or a gastronomical tour of Indonesia’s finest foods. In some areas, particularly Praya alcohol may not be available in some bars and restaurants due to its predominantly Muslim population.  .

If you are hoping to swap the crowds of Bali for bountiful beauty and a rich tapestry of local culture then make the hop across to Lombok and discover another side of Indonesia.