Bukit and Uluwatu Guide

The majestic Uluwatu Temple gazes out across the Indian Ocean, protected by sea snakes that slither in the cove below. Bukit West and Uluwatu offer an unrivalled element of magic and mystery that captivates every imagination.

Bukit West & Uluwatu overview

Green hills, dramatic cliffs and some of Bali's best beaches.
Uluwatu temple, Kecak dance and surf vibe.
Some of Bali's most beautiful beaches. Many rates Balangan beach as Bali's best.
Mostly surf cafés and warungs.
Try one of the cafés but don't expect sunrise partying.
With kids
Most activities for children are at least an hour away.
Spa and massage
Several hotels, resorts and villas has spas.
Active holiday
Play 18 holes of golf at the new Kuta gold course.
The nearest dive site is at Nusa Dua on the other side of the peninsula.
The legendary Uluwatu, Suluban and Pandang Padang.
Time from airport
45-60 min

This Island of the Gods will welcome you with its wild beaches, indigenous nature and warm local energy. A place where the past and the present fuse seamlessly together, you can still see the rich cultural heritage as you lounge back in luxury.

The ocean sweeps beneath staggering lime stone cliffs, the sands are soft and invite you to sink down and relax under an endless blue sky. Bukit West hosts some of Bali’s most magnificent beaches and the waves of Uluwatu ride in with a powerful force that makes for epic viewing. Some of the beaches in the area are swimming with the lively activity of traveling surfers and holidaymakers, whilst others are serene and rarely visited.

Uluwatu specializes in handmade Balinese lace; you can find plenty of stunning little shops selling the exquisite lace souvenirs. There are plenty of touristy boutiques selling Indonesian crafts en route to the temple alongside stalls for snacks and drinks. For larger shopping opportunities Bukit West is rather limited, it is better suited for escaping the hum drum of modern life and soaking up the rural beach culture.

The sounds of drunken revelers and endless parties won’t be a problem in Bukit West, nightlife is limited, and after dark you can only hear the sounds of nature and crashing surf. It’s an ideal location for watching the stars come out and relaxing on the beach with a cold beer in hand. Some establishments offer calm and quiet bars with cocktails to match the sunset. For a livelier scene you should consider making the journey to the larger towns of Kuta and Seminyak.

This humble backwater of Bali has yet to suffer at the hands of large development. Now it is still a serene and dreamlike experience set between the stretch of ocean and the rocky cliffs. With plenty of natural and cultural wonder on offer, Bukit West is the place to indulge in the hidden side of Bali.

Villas In Uluvatu