Sanur has so many different places to eat that it can be hard to pick. Even though you can find good restaurants centrally located on the beachfront or on Sanur Main Street you often get rewarded by trying some of the places a little more off the beaten track as they have to work a little harder to attract customers.

Below we have collected some of our favorite restaurants in Sanur. They are all fairly different in style, so whether you are looking for classic Balinese food, sushi, vegetarian or French cuisine there should be something for you.

1. Massimo

If you crave for Italian food Massimo is the go to place in Sanur. The menu has all the Italian classics – minestrone, pastas, tiramisu and much more – including pizzas baked in a wood oven. Those hungry for dessert won’t regret trying the gelatos.

  • Starters: 23.000 IDR – 60.000 IDR. Mains: 63.000 -79.000 IDR
  • Map and website: Massimo

Massimo Pasta Al Cartoccio Italian Restaurant Sanur Copy

2. Pergola

Pergola is a classic Japanese restaurant with a super friendly staff. The sushi is among the best in Bali and the hot dishes are equally good. Enjoy your meal in the open restaurant or pick a private dinning booth with pillows and a classic low Japanese table.

  • Starters: 11.000 – 86.000 Mains: 35.000 – 125.000 IDR
  • Map and website: Pergola

Restaurant Pergola Sanur

3. Mila’s Warung

A small gem that you probably won’t find unless you look for it. You’ll have to cross the By Pass Road to get there from Sanur center (or get a taxi), but it is worth the small adventure. Mila serve up Javanese dishes from her home region. Among the many good dishes the fish is recommended. Vegetarians will enjoy this place too.

  • Starters: 15.000 – 20.000 IDR Mains:15.000 – 45.000
  • Map and Website: Mila’s Warung

4. Babi Guling Sanur

Babi Guling or suckling pig is classic Balinese street food. Babi Guling Sanur is located opposite McDonalds and caters more to locals than to tourist, so the servings might be alittle spicy for some, but the atmosphere is authentic and the pork is juicy.

Get their around noon while the pig is freshly cooked and to be certain that the pork of the day hasn’t been sold out.

Warung Babi Guling Sanur

5. Surya Babi Guling

If want to try Babi Guling, but want more of a dining experience, try Surya Babi Guling a bit further up the road, right next to the golf course. Surya has a wider selection of dishes, including some more children friendly. If you want Babi Guling for dinner Surya is a good choice.

Babi Guling Sarya Sanur 1

6. Kayu Manis

Kayu Manis can be a little hard to find, but if you do we bet that you’ll be glad you found it. The food is a fusion of Western and Asian. The kitchen is much more ambitious than most restaurants in Sanur, but the prices are still very reasonable. Reservations recommended.

  • Startes: 25.000 – 50.000 IDR Mains: 50.000 -120.000 IDR
  • Map: Kayu Manis

7. Manik Organik

Healthy and organic raw food and vegetarian dishes are the specialties of Manik Organic. Among the offerings you find green pizzas, raw burritos and a number of energizing fruit and vegetable juices Manik Organic also arranges cooking classes from 300.000 IDR per person.

  • Starters: 20.000 – 40.000 IDR Mains: 40.000 – 70.000 IDR
  • Map and website: Manik Organik

Manik Organik

8. Art café

A Casual and friendly café centrally located in Sanur. The menu consists of Indonesian, Asia and Western dishes. Make sure to check out the cafés tame fruit bat.

If you want to spoil yourself finish your dinner with a treatment in the Leha Leha spa, that is a part of the café.

  • Starters: Mains:
  • Map and website: Art Cafe

9. Three Monkeys

The centrally located Three Monkeys serves a wide variety of tasty dishes from all over the world, with an emphasis on Mediterranean and Asian inspired servings. The Three Monkeys are often busy, but still the service and ambience is a cut above the average Sanur restaurant.