Diving Amed to Gili Selang

From the small cozy villages in the Amed area down to the small islet Gili Selang you’ll find a string of excellent dive sites.

Overview: Amed to Gili Selang

Wreck and beautiful corals
Quality 4/5
Visibility (m)
10 - 25 m
Beginner - Advanced
Gentle - very strong
Depth (m)
5 - 40+ m
Temperature (°C)
22 - 26
Wreck dives,
and reef sharks.
Number of dive sites
Best time to dive
April- Nov

About Amed

Amed is the place to stay if you want to dive in this area. Apart from being a village Amed is the common name for a 10 km long stretch of fishing villages on the center of Bali’s east coast.

The sands of the beaches are brown, grey and black and the atmosphere is relaxed and has a rural feel to it. You’ll find colorful marine life and coral very close to Amed’s shores, making snorkeling a good alternative to scuba diving. Read more about Amed.

Diving Amed to Gili Selang

From the small cozy villages in the Amed area down to the small islet of Gili Selang there is a string of excellent dive sites.

The reefs closest to Amed have the gentlest currents in the area and are ideal for less experienced divers.  Here you can experience some of the best Bali has to offer when it comes to macro life, and you can dive along coral covered walls, where reef sharks patrol and colorful fish approach you.

A little further down the coast from Amed, reachable with snorkeling equipment, lays a small wreck where napoleon fish, turtles, striped catfish and sting rays can be seen.

As you come near Gili Selang the currents picks up and can be very strong around the small island. Here you’ll find some of Bali’s healthiest coral and a marine life to match. Among the larger creatures you might encounter are grey reef sharks and hammerhead sharks.

Popular dive sites on the Amed Gili Selang stretch

Ghost Bay

Ghost Bay is an artificial reef that can be reached from the beach. The reef is packed with life and there is a good chance of spotting ghost pipefish, mimic octopuses, pygmy seahorses, stone fish and razor fish. This is an easy dive and is excellent for underwater photography.

Amed Wall

This dive goes down to around 35 meters. The coral around the wall is beautiful and fish are plentiful. Keep an eye out for bumphead parrotfish, bluefin trevally, lionfish, snappers and white or black tip reef sharks that occasionally patrol these waters.

Gili Selang

This small island is located about half an hour by boat south of Amed. Here you’ll find some of Bali’s healthiest coral, turtles, bumphead parrotfish, giant trevally, whitetip reefs sharks and, if you are lucky, hammerhead sharks. Currents can be very strong.

Dive operators in Amed

Amed Scuba – Amed scuba is run by the very friendly Chrisina Sbick. Safety is a high priority and diving is done in groups of maximum three.

Jukung Dive – Jukung Dive is another popular dive operator in Amed

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