Diving Pemuteran

This tranquil beach getaway, located in the western part of Bali’s North coast is perfect for relaxing and exploring the calm waters.

Overview: Pemuteran

Calm waters and fast recovering coral
Quality 3/5
Visibility (m)
10 - 25 m
Beginner - intermediate
Depth (m)
5 - 30 m
Temperature (°C)
26 -29
Macrel, tuna,
Number of dive sites
Best time to dive
All year.
Aug. can be a little rough.

About Pemuteran

Pemuteran is a calm oasis on the western part of Bali’s north coast.

Most people come here to relax in one of the town’s stylish resorts or hotels and to explore the marine life of the local bay.

Apart from serving as a base for diving the local reefs, Pemuteran is also the place most people choose as their base for diving Menjangan Island 40 minutes up the coast.

Diving Pemuteran

Generally diving around Pemuteran is good, but miss that little something that some of Bali’s top sites has. The fish and corals are colorful, the currents gentle and the waters are warm and calm which makes Pemuteran excellent for less experienced divers.

Around Pemuteran marine life comes in all sizes from small nudibranch and flatworms to large barracudas and tuna, and somewhere in the middle, squid and cuttlefish.

In 1998 the Pemuteran house reef was destroyed by El Niño and soon after a recovery project was launched. The project included sinking large artificial strictures with samples of coral attached into the reef. Whether or not you like the idea of an artificial reef, the project has been a success as the coral has recovered remarkably.

For some of Bali’s best diving you should head to nearby Menjangan Island.

Popular dive spots at Pemuteran

Napoleon Reef

Napoleon Reef is located a few kilometers from Pemuteran. The slopes of the reefs are covered with soft coral and sea fans. At around 20 meters depth you can see the remains of a sunken diving boat. Squid, cuttlefish and rays are sighted regularly.

Close Encounter

Close Encounter is situated 2 km from the shore. The reef has a nice mix of hard and soft coral.  The fish here are classic reef fish, — e.g. schools of snappers, large jacks, bat fish, sweet lips, emperor fish and fusiliers. Larger species you might see include octopuses, rays, parrot fish and sharks.

Pemuteran House reef

The Pemuteran House reef is an artificial reef and is alive with critters and small fish. The reef is excellent for night diving where lobsters, shrimps and electric clams come out.

Dive operators in Permuteran

Easy divers – Dusan and Jana who runs this friendly place in Permuteran will do everything they can to ensure you have and enjoyable time diving in Bali.