Family activities

Bali is a great place for holidaying with kids. Just as it is the case with adults, children love the friendliness of the Balinese, the beautiful landscapes and unique Balinese culture. A full week of temple watching can be too much for even the most patient kid (and adult) though, so here are some activities that the entire family will enjoy.

Thrills and adventure

Conquer the rapids of the Ayung River, splash or cruise through water rides at Waterbom Water Park or watch Bali from above at Bali Tree Top Park.

White water rafting is a thrilling way to spend an unforgettable day with the family. Of Bali two main white water rafting rivers, the Ayung River is the most family friendly.  Several companies arrange rafting trips and will pick you up and return you to your villa, among them Bali adventure tours and Bali Sobek.

WaterBom Water Park is everything you expect of a water park. With more than different 17 waterslides there’s something for you no matter your age and whether you are an adrenaline junky or prefer to cruise slowly along an artificial river with your feet up.

At Bali Tree top Park you can explore the tree tops through the parks many different circuits. There are circuits for all ages, starting at the age of four.

Animal watching

All around Bali you’ll find places where you can come close to animals. White tigers, Komodo dragons and animal shows await you and your family at Bali Marine and Safari Park. At Bali Bird Park you can watch exotic birds and enjoy free flight shows with eagles and owls.

In Ubud you can see the free living and curious monkeys in the monkey forest, in Lovina you can go dolphin watching or you can ride an elephant in the Elephant Safari park in Taro.


Several of the museums around Ubud offer children friendly activities in addition to their exhibitions. At Museum Puri  Lukisan you can build your own kite or you join one of the many workshops at the ARMA  museum –  Balinese offering making and painting classes are among the options.


A day on the beach is a classic way to spend the day in Bali. All along the Balinese coast there are great beaches. Some of the better beaches for families are Sanur and Jimbaran beach where the waters are calm. If you are looking for waters sports, Sanur beach is the better option.

For a more active day at the beach you can join a surf school and learn to ride the waves. In most of the towns in Bali where you can surf, classes are offered.

A beautiful walk through Balinese art
An excellent museum with a stunning garden, dance performances and cultural classes
Open air garden setting and excellent artwork and art classes for both kids and adults.
More than 400 paintings dating from 1840 up till modern time.
Welcome to the flamboyant world of Don Antonio Blanco
Masks and puppets from all over the world.
Rural Ubud
Masks and puppets
Museum Le Mayeur
The former home of Adrien Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres now displaying his works
Indonesia and South East Asias as seen through the eyes of international artist.
Nusa Dua
The Subak Museum
Learn everything here is to know about the irrigation of rice paddies and rice growing.
Irrigation and rice growing
Nyoman Gunara Museum
Contemporary and classical Balinese paintings and historical objects
Museum Buleleng
A collection of archeological findings in Northern Bali.
Culture and heritage
Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali
Balinese antiques and cultural objects
Culture and heritage
Museum Situs Purbakala
Skeletons, bronze and pottery. Traces after the first humans in Bali 3000 -4000 years ago.
Culture and heritage
Museum Semarajaya
Archeological pieces and saltmaking
Culture and heritage