Arak is the local spirit of Bali. We’ll give you a short introduction to Arak, present you for 5 arak cocktail recipes and let you know where you can get your hands on your own a bottle of Arak.

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Arak is a colorless liquor distilled from rice or palm sap and comes in many qualities. The alcohol percentage ranges from 20 to 50% and you can find arak in everything from fancy bottles with golden logos to plastic bag tied with a knot.(Before you go and buy a plastic bag of Arak at the nearest warung a word of warning is in place. Please read the where to buy Arak post)

Apart from the obvious – drinking, arak is also used in religious ceremonies. Arak is spilled on offerings to ward off evil spirits and to maintain the sacred aura of the vicinity. Also you will see arak flowing among the local men at cock fights.

Arak can be enjoyed as it is or mixed as a cocktail. We have listed 5 arak cocktail recipes including recipes for two most well-known – Arak madu and Arak attack. The latter deserving its name from the quick effect of the stronger araks. People in Bali will tell you, that too many of those and the local witch demon, Rangda might pay you a visit in your dreams.

You find arak recipes and a guide on where to buy arak here: