Ubud is my favorite place for dining in all of Bali. Nowhere else is the diversity in restaurants as broad and the general quality as high as in Ubud. Whether you are looking for a quick cheap snack or you are looking for an eight course menu, Ubud has quality options.

Some of the good restaurants are easily found, others are small hidden gems. To help you a little, we have created this list of eight good Ubud restaurants.

Update: Have a look at our new comprehensive guide to Ubud – click on “dining” in the sidebar. We have added a couple of new restaurants that you don’t want to miss.

Mozaic Restaurants Garden

1. Mozaic

Mozaic is definitly Ubud’s most ambitious restaurant. Traditional western ingredients like oyster and foie gras meet local ingredients like mango and coconut at Mozaic.

The dishes are served as tasting menus where you get 6-8 different dishes and can choose a matching wine menu. One of the menus is vegetarian.

  • Discovery menu: 700.000 IDR
  • Chef’s surprise menu: 1.250.000 IDR
  • Map and Website

2. Melting Wok

This small place located in the heart of Ubud is extremely popular and tables are few, so it is a good idea to make a reservation in advance.

There isn’t that many dishes on the menu, but what is on it is really good. The curry dishes and the desserts are recommended.

Restaurant Pulau Kelapa Ubud

3. Warung Pulau Kelapa

At Warung Pulau Kelapa they take pride in serving authentic Indonesian dishes. The old Javanese teak house that is the home of the restaurant is the perfect setting for an Indonesian meal.

Prices are extremely reasonable.

  • Starters: 10.000 – 20.000 IDR
  • Mains: 20.000 – 30.000 IDR
  • Map and Website

4. Ibu Oka

Ibu Oka, is Ubuds most hyped place when it comes to Babi Guling – or suckling pick. Crackling skin and juicy pork meat is what this classic Balinese street food is all about and here they make that to perfection. Ibu Oka is the perfect spot for a quick lunch, but don’t get there too late (after 13.00) as there the might be sold out.

Restaurant Bridges Ubud

5. Bridges

The green jungle views is one of the reasons people keeps coming back to Bridges. The delicate French inspired food is another. Combine the the two and you have the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Bridges also have a wine shop and bar where you find one of Bali’s best selection of wines.

  • Starters: 55.000 – 165.000 IDR
  • Mains: 110.000 – 240.000 IDR
  • Map and Website

6. Warung Schnitzel

Schnitzel might not be the first thing you associate with Ubud, but for some reason it doesn’t feel out of place at all at Warung Schnitzel. Choose between chicken and pork and enjoy with a cold Bintang.

For non-schnitzel eaters there are several alternatives on the menu.

  • Starters: 35.000 – 50.000 IDR
  • Mains: 45.000 – 80.000 IDR
  • Map and Website

Restaurant Lamak Ubud2

7. Lamak

Lamak’s prices are above average in Ubud, but so is the quality of the food that is a fusion of Asian and Western. The servings and atmosphere is elegant, but relaxed.

Crabmeat with crispy wontons, lamb cannelloni and Australian beef filet are among the offerings.

  • Starters: 45.000 – 105.00 IDR
  • Mains: 45.000 – 265.000 IDR
  • Map and Website

8. Fair Warung Bale

Fair Warung combines restaurant and social project. The profit from the warung supports the Fair future health clinic, so if you want to dine with a good conscious, this place is a good choice. The dishes are mainly inspired by the Indonesian and the Thai kitchen.

  • Mains: 25.000 IDR – 40.000 IDR
  • Map and Website