Watch the sun rise or set into the Balinese sea from your villa, enjoy the freedom of taking a dive in the ocean any time you like and fall asleep to the sound of rolling waves at the end of the day.

We have collected 10 of Bali’s most exclusive beachfront rental villas. Enjoy!

1. Tropical Gardens and Endless Luxuries

The villa where you get the feeling of reaching out to the horizon, the Villa Sungai Tingi is truly one which brings you closest to the vastness of nature. From open air shower baths to a view of the deepest of indigo seas as you wine and dine on the best that Balinese cuisine can offer-this is the perfect place to begin your sojourn with the culture of Bali. Decadent luxuries include the pool, the bedrooms with every conceivable comfort fitting, the flower scented bath prepared for you, to the bale in the garden for you to cozy up with a book in your hand, or the lawns where you could walk on the dew drenched grass early in the morning listening to the first birdsongs. It’s nature’s resplendence decoded.

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Sungai Tinggi

2. Relax by the villa pool right on the beach in Canggu, Bali

The Five bedroom Villa Ambra is the ultimate that a luxury holiday in Bali could afford you in terms of an unobstructed panoramic view of the ocean, gorgeous clean sandy beaches just a short walk away, the most exotic of tropical gardens, and the best that eastern cuisine can offer you. Come to this Balinese experience of traditional luxuries and discover what it means to live life the way one ought to. The extraordinary services of the staff, the experience of unending space and luxury like never before, Villa Ambra is that one holiday destination that will raise the bar on your understanding of true luxury.

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Villa Ambra

3. Eco-consious luxury beach villa in Tanah Lot, Bali

Nature can be an inspiration to a lot of things and when it came to creating a syncretic ambiance for the body and soul this seven bedroom villa, Taman Ahimsa, in Badung replicates the consciousness of the mind with the body in the most natural of ways. Each space gets decoded in a way that effectively helps you gain complete relaxation and rejuvenation .Compounding the effect is the resplendence of the garden, the awe inspiring sunsets and the ocean view that sets your imagination free. Get inspired to indulge in a garden of senses that will help connect you better to your true self and also with nature.

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Bali Villa Taman Ahimsa Beach Pool

4. Four bedrooms with ocean view in Candidasa

Feel one with the ocean beyond as it stretches below the rolling little heights of Villa Asada in Candidasa, the four bedroom villa that reinstates the faith in nature being the best salve for you to achieve complete relaxation. Allow the salubrious climate and the unbounded beauty of nature help you respond to your inner desires of complete overhaul of the mind and body as you swim, stroll or simple enjoy a drink with family and friends , happy , contented and in complete peace and absolute tranquility of the place.

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Villa Asada

5. Dramatic ocean views from the Bukit Peninsulas towering cliffs

The Indian Ocean pans out, the horizon giving you the impression of space like has never has been, Villa Istana is spectacular in its scenic beauty, and gorgeous in its five bedroom resplendence, incomparable with its majestic views, traditional hospitality and the decadence of luxury lifestyle only this Bali villa could afford you. The gazebo sit out with its unbelievable ocean view and the Japanese style table , the media room with its huge flat screen, the astounding pool almost merging into the ocean, the lawns in their immaculate best-there are too many ways that Villa Istana will find ways to pleasantly surprise you with its grandeur and peaceful dignity, all  at the same time

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Villa Istana

6. Magnificent beach villa Ylang Ylang

A grand retreat incomparable to any in Bali, Villa Ylang Ylang in Gianyar has an amazing splendor of view, comfortable interiors and a staff dedicated to bring alive the true Bali experience for you. The villa sits on vantage location allowing you some of the most iconic views of the beach, the lily ponds in the garden  and the sound of the tumbling surf-all of it creates the ambiance of a setting serene and enchantingly beautiful. The villa stay promises the best of decadent luxury that includes saunas, natural stone baths, the best of Balinese cuisine and the attention of dedicated staff trained to give their guests the best hospitality the East offers.

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Villa Ylang Ylang

7. Nine bedrooms with ocean and volcano views

Sanur Residence is an extraordinary way of enjoying Bali at its best. This nine bedroom villa is a delightful mix of contemporary comforts and the magically exotic qualities of Balinese culture that is both thrilling and awe-inspiring. From sunrises that steal your breath away, to catching glimpse of misty reaches of the Agung heights; to the rice fields and banana groves, one tastes the beauty of all this topographical diversity at one go. Catching the first rays of the morning sun, watching the farmers on their daily toil, enjoying the sumptuous spread created by the in-house chefs and finding every form of modern day appliances and gadgets to keep you connected to the world, the villa with its spacious location provides comforts to all its eighteen guests and is thus the most suitable for group holidays or for special occasion bookings.

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Sanur Residence Bali Beach Villa

8. 100 meters of private beach in Seminyak

The expanse of the sea, the open skies for miles across, the feeling of space and timelessness grabs you in this haven of absolute luxury Villa Atas Ombak. Feel the manner in which the swaying coconut palms vary their shade in the morning sun, or how the wind carries fragrance of freshness all day long. Feel the oneness with nature as you gaze out to the sea, or simply soak in a scented bath tub in the inner recesses of your ensuite bathroom still gazing at the sky. Enjoy sumptuous meals with friends and family and allow some decadent luxury to spoil you while you are here. The interiors reflect the class and quality of luxury that Villa Atas Ombak promises, from colored parasols, handcrafted furniture, to stone bath showers.-you will finds too many reasons to not to let this holiday end.

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Atas Ombak

9. Five bedroom villa with beachfront terrace in Batubelig, Seminyak

The Villa Le Ga in Batubelig epitomizes the concept of a culture of great surprises. Get surprised when the finest of meals are served to you in the outdoors or how the cook rustles up your favorite dish or that of you children; get surprised when you soak in the bath prepared by the maids who have set afloat fragrant flowers; get surprised when while you watch the colors of the sky change, right from your bedroom while still watching the world news and surely be surprised when the sea facing terrace you are sitting at seems the haven5-bedrooms-villa-in-seminyak-9A551 of peace it is-there are so many reasons to get pleasantly surprised by life and this could be your great chance to explore that.

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Villa Lega

10. Beachfront paradise in the tranquil Tanah Lot area

When the ocean beckons the indoors seem less attractive but when you arrive at this villa you will find that a challenge-one of the finest villas in the Tanah Lot region gives you the best of the incredible outdoors with sandy beaches, mesmerizing sunsets , the horizon view and the finest luxurious interiors anywhere in Bali. Come enjoy the hospitality of a staff that believes in service before self and discover the wonders of this great culture in the most conducive of locations. Each sunrise will be accompanied by your favorite beverage, the plunge pool can be your cooling off device while on days you want rest and resuscitation from all the excitement let the staff in the villa give you the joys of a massage and a scented bath. Bali could never have been discovered better than this.

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