Seminyak is the home of Bali’s most elegant spas where you can be treated like royalty for half an hour or an entire day. No matter where you stay in Seminyak you are likely to have a spa within walking distance, but many of the spas in Seminyak offer to come to your private villa if you don’t feel like getting up from your sun chair.

Prices and the quality of the spas in Seminyak vary greatly. The following spas might not be the cheapest in Seminyak, but they are all known for consistently delivering high quality treatments.  Don’t be afraid of trying out some of the cheaper places as they can be equally good. Even though standards in Seminyak are fairly high compared to other places in Bali, a good tip is to ask to have a look at the facilities before paying for a treatment to avoid disappointment. A good place to start is at one of the six places below which rarely disappoint.

1. Away Spa

Away Spa

The Away Spa located within the W-Retreat isn’t cheap, but on the glamour scale and when it comes to wow-factor it is right at the top. The treatment rooms are stunning; the staff is very professional and attentive and every little detail is thought of – like the small screens with tranquil scenes underneath your head rest.

Should the urge for Body bliss tantric massage come up in the middle of the night, no worries, the away spa is open 24/7.

2. Jari Menari

Jari Menari or ”Dancing fingers” opened in 2001 and has been one of Seminyak’s most trusted massage venues ever since. The all-male staff is truly professional and guarantee a strong and firm massage.

Jari Menari also offers classes on Tuesdays if you want to learn to do the finger dance yourself.

Jari Menari Spa

3. Prana

The Middle Eastern-inspired Prana is one of the largest spas in Bali. There are endless treatments to choose from ranging from a 30 minute facial to a Thousand and One Nights experience that includes a gold infused massage, bath, yoga, canapés and wine.

Prana Spa Seminyak

4. Body Works

Body Works is very much an institution in Seminyak and has been the inspiration for many of the spas that are found all over Bali. When it comes to class, Body Works might have been overtaken by some of the newer spas in Seminyak, but they continue to deliver good value treatments.

Body Works Seminyak

5. Amo Beauty and Spa

Amo Beauty And Spa

Amo Beauty and Spa is the creation of supermodel Navia Nguyen and is Seminyak’s most fashionable beauty salon. A range of spa treatments are available, but it is their beauty treatments that makes Amo stand out.

6. Sundari Day Spa

Sundari Day Spa provides excellent value for money. Sundari takes pride in using natural product and pure essential oils in their treatments. Among the natural products found in their masks and scrubs are coconut, ginger green tea, seaweed and chocolate.

Sundari Day Spa