Lombok is Bali’s long lost sister that until recently went through a rough patch late last year due to the earthquakes. But, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Lombok is back and open for business. Our team recently paid them a visit and we were equally impressed with their ability to rebuild, but also their high-quality friendly hospitality that is alive and well.

With flights running daily as well as fast boat transfers between Bali and the islands only a short 1.5-hours away, there is no excuse to not pay them a visit. See below why they are known for all things surfing, food, island time and much more.

Bicycle Ride | Lombok, Indonesia

1. A Relaxed Pace of Life

We have all returned from a holiday feeling like we need another, just to unwind and relax… For this very reason, we recommend visiting Lombok, Indonesia – you will soon slip into their island time and quieter hoods all offering barefoot luxury. With limited cars and motorbikes on the island and the main forms of transport being horse and cart or bicycle… classic island time – you will be in no hurry to leave.

Beach Side Loungers - The Beach Villa - Lombok, Bali

2. Picturesque Beaches and World-Renowned Surfing

Indonesia’s surfing is world-renowned for its varied intensity, consistency of swell and spectacular surrounding scenery. Most famous of all of its breaks is Desert Point – not easily accessible to all, however well worth the effort located on the South-West Coast of Lombok. The 3-8ft waves and long reef that can provide surfers with a ride close to 300-metres long on a good day are it’s most enticing features. Other notable mentions include; Are Guling, Gili Air, Ekas Bay, Kuta Lombok, Senggigi, Sereweh, Mawi and Gili Trawangan.

If walks along the beach are more your style Lombok’s Pink sand beach is known as Pantai Tangsi boasts a natural fairy floss shade of pink sand. Created by the coral surrounding the island, this is a must visit before it becomes a tourist hot spot.

Indonesia Lombok Surfing

3. Island Hopping Adventures from Lombok to Gili

Consider yourself going island hopping between Gili Air, Gili T and Lombok for the day. Being that it is only 20-minutes by boat between the islands – there is no excuse after you do one quick google search and see the natural untouched Gili islands. With the added bonus of coral reefs, multiple underwater caves and mostly deserted white sandy beaches it is understandable as to why Lombok is frequented for its snorkelling and scuba diving locations. Once there we suggest you spend the day exploring before pulling up a bean bag and watching the sunset over the Indian Ocean.

Beach Bar Sunset | Lombok
Boat Transfer | Lombok

4. Hiking Through the Jungle

Waterfalls aplenty on the island of Lombok, however since the earthquake from last year the most decent ones with flowing water can be found in the centre of the island. We suggest hiring a local guide to take you on a hike to Benang Kelambu, Benang Stokel or Jeruk Manis which is near Tetebatu. If hiking tickles your fancy there is only one hiking trail that has re-opened in the Mount Rinjani National Park. This is a moderately difficult trek and thus we recommend packing your hiking boots and entrusting your trek with a local.

Hiking Rainforest & Waterfalls | Lombok, Indonesia

5. The People

No island is complete without the warm hospitality of its people. Step off the plane or boat and you will be immediately greeted with a smile. Indonesia is filled with an array of cultures that are unique to each island and Lombok is no different. The Sasak people of Lombok have similar traditions and beliefs to those of the Balinese – their only difference being that Balinese are predominately Hindu whereas the Sasak people are mostly Muslim. We suggest immersing yourself in the traditions like witnessing the musical parades through town and admiring the architecture of one of the thousands of mosques that can be found on Lombok.

Children Playing | Lombok, Indonesia

Of course to maximise our 5 reasons why we recommend staying in one of the many Lombok villa options, suitable for couples, families, groups or special occasions.