Villa Kubu 11 in Seminyak
1 bedroom, from US$ 421/night

Villa Kubu 10 in Seminyak
1 bedroom, from US$ 421/night

Villa Kubu 7 in Seminyak
1 bedroom, from US$ 397/night

Bali Honeymoon Villas

Planning an Unforgettable Honeymoon in a Romantic Bali Honeymoon Villa

In movies the best honeymoon scenes always take place on some far away tropical island. The sun is high in the bright blue sky with a pure white beach and sparkling ocean in the background. This is exactly the kind of experience you can expect from a Bali honeymoon.

When you choose to honeymoon in Bali, you’re not only getting one of the hottest beach locations in Asia, but also a world of wonder and adventure. If you can tear yourself away from your honeymoon villa for any length of time you’ll find that there is a wide variety of entertainment available on the island: from familiar pleasure such as arts, bars, restaurants and shopping, to the more exotic including temples, safaris, watersports and yoga.

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Bali Honeymoon

Whilst price maybe a factor in deciding where you stay on your honeymoon in Bali, you shouldn’t let it be a deciding one. It’s also worth considering how much time you will actually spend in your honeymoon villa.

Villas in Bali offer a great deal of privacy, with even the most modest ones providing everything a newly married couple need to keep themselves occupied for a few days. They generally include facilities like fully-fitted kitchens and private pools.

If you can afford a fully serviced Bali honeymoon villa, then it’s quite possible that like many newlyweds you won’t ever step outside the confines of your villa during your entire honeymoon in Bali.

If however, you plan for your Bali honeymoon to be more than just enjoying the private company of your new spouse, then location really is key.

Take a look at our recommendations for the best locations for an unforgettable honeymoon:

Kuta Villa – Beach by day, clubs by night
Ubud Villa – Markets, museums, shows, spas and safaris
Seminyak Villa – Art, boutiques, beaches and spas

The Cost of a Honeymoon Villa in Romantic Bali

Kuta is generally the cheapest option for people renting a honeymoon villa in Bali. One bedroom self-service villas can be rented for as little as $150 a night, though for just a little bit extra ($200-$250 a night) it’s possible to get a very attractive semi-serviced honeymoon villa that isn’t located far from the beach or nightlife.

There are some incredibly high end options in Kuta, but unless you particularly want to explore the Bali party scene, you’re better off thinking about Ubud or Seminyak for premium options.

If having a private pool is just an attractive as being near a beach, then Ubud is probably one of the most romantic places to honeymoon in Bali. From Ubud you have easy access to a wide range of interesting activities, without having to wander too far away from your honeymoon villa.

The cultural heart of the island makes a wonderful tropical island retreat, providing the perfect experience for couples who want to have that storybook Bali honeymoon that they will remember forever. If you do your research, Ubud can prove very cost effective with prices starting from just $250 per night for a serviced private honeymoon villa.

For those who want to spend their honeymoon in Bali getting a taste of the high life, Seminyak has all the glitz and glam that the island has to offer, playing host to a mass of top end spas, shopping boutiques and gourmet restaurants.

You can expect to pay at least $300 a night for a fully serviced Bali honeymoon villa with every kind of modern convenience installed, but the price is nothing compared to the fairy tale Bali honeymoon memories you’ll generate in return.

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