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Kuta holiday villas - For Fun In The Sun

When most people think of a tropical island paradise, they think of long sandy beaches, brightly colored cocktails and plenty of sun. Kuta (one of the best surf and party towns on the island) has all of those things in abundance. The range from cheap surf shack style buildings, to the more luxuriously kitted out; mega locations you'd expect from the villas in Bali.

There are some simply stunning beachfront holiday villas in Kuta. Though unsurprisingly; as they're so popular they can also be very pricey, even when it comes to the more modest villas. However, if you're willing to stay just a short distance from the beach, then you will be able to find some really good deal, relative to the normal cost of renting villas in Bali. A good starting point for the cost of villas in Kuta, start at around $200 per night for a 2 bedroom villa.

Budget Friendly

Kuta is one of the most heavily populated towns on the island, acting as a major hub for tourism, both in the form of its sandy white beaches and its vibrant nightlife. As a result there are more holiday villas in Kuta than anywhere else on the island.

A self-service, private 2 bedroom villa that sleeps four people can easily be rented out for a little over $185 per night, which at just $45 per person, is the lowest you can expect to pay for renting a holiday villa in Bali - no matter where you stay. You'll have to cook for yourself and either hire a car or take taxis to explore the rest of the island, but these are so reasonably priced isn't too big of a deal.

Mid-Range Villas in Kuta

If however you want a bit more relaxation from your holiday, then looking into the $250-400 range is well worth the extra expense. For that price there are plenty of Kuta Holiday villas offering a hotel like experience. Many offer private pools, some offer limited staff services (like breakfast), some even offer mini-bus transportation at certain times of day.

A 3 bedroom villa, designed to sleep 6 people comfortably, will generally end up costing about $80 each per night, but if you book early you might find an even better deal. When you consider that normally includes breakfast and transport to the beach and back, it still comes in as one of the most cost effective ways to maximize your enjoyment of a holiday villa in Bali.

High End

As the oldest tourist town on the island, Kuta has some of the best holiday villas in Bali. If you want to wallow in pure modern luxury, inside an idyllic tropical setting with service staff waiting on you hand and foot, then there are plenty of to satisfy that desire.

For a villa in Bali to be a true tropical paradise, it has to be very near the beach. Ideally it would include a spa, cleaning service, meals, a private pool and a wealth of other mod cons (such as internet and TV). None of which is a problem if you're willing to invest a little more in the experience. These top of the line Kuta holiday Villas tend to cost $130+ each per night, though you'll often find you feel like you bagged a great deal.

If you're looking to rent a villa in Bali for the ultimate beach holiday experience, then renting a holiday villa in Kuta is definitely the way to go. Even the top end of the market isn't as lavishly expensive as some of the more specialized tourist towns, whilst even the lower end of the rental villas in kuta, still offer a magical holiday on Indonesia's favorite tropical paradise.

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