Owners Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for our owners

Who are the people behind Vilondo?
We’re a passionate bunch here at Vilondo!

Our team is made up of a group of experienced and passionate entrepreneurs, web-site developers, marketing specialists and holiday accommodation managers. We’re a team of expatriates and locals with many years experience throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and Indonesia. But most importantly…we’re all passionate travellers!

To find out more about the Vilondo team please see our About Us page.

What exactly does Vilondo do?
Vilondo is more than just an online villa booking service.

Our mission at Vilondo is to provide travellers with as much detailed and practical information on where to stay, sights to see and experience, places to wine and dine, current events and festivities and other local tips and recommendations.

Check out our Blog for an extensive list of tips, reviews, interviews, and much, much more.

Who will see my villa on the Vilondo website?
By adding your villa to Vilondo, your property will be exposed to our massive global network!

What exactly does this mean for you? It simply means thousands of additional people will be out there in the world considering YOUR villa for their next holiday in Bali! Oh, and the outcome? Increased bookings and revenue!

Will I be locked into a contract?
Absolutely not!

We’re so confident you’ll be absolutely thrilled with our services (and the many extra bookings you’ll receive!) we won’t lock you into a contract. That’s right, you may at any time decide to remove your villa listing with Vilondo – no questions asked!

When will I be paid for bookings made with Vilondo?
We pay… straight away!

Unlike many other accommodation providers, we securely transfer the net amount owing to you on the day your guest checks out, not one day later!

Is my privacy protected?
Yes, Vilondo takes your privacy very seriously.

Please see out Privacy Statement for more information on how we will use your personal information and protect your privacy.

Is there someone at Vilondo I can contact if I need urgent advice or assistance?
Hi, my name’s Steve! We’ll get to know each other real soon…

At Vilondo, we’re 100% committed to providing personalised support to help out wherever we can. That’s why every one of our villa owners and managers has the Local Destination Manager’s mobile number!

Does Vilondo also offer villa management services?
At this stage Vilondo doesn’t provide complete villa management services however we are more than happy to assist villa owners wherever we can with free advice based on our many years experience in the tourism industry.

How do I join Vilondo?
Listing your villa with Vilondo is easy and fee free!

Simply contact us and one of our friendly team will contact you to get your villa up on our website (and exposed to our massive global network) pronto!