In Bali, people speak Bahasa Indonesia and few of them speak English.

However Balinese always agree with what you say even if they do not get a word of it because extreme politeness is part of their culture. So language misunderstandings are frequent and they can lead to very unpleasant situations when you order food, give directions to your taxi driver, etc.

Relax. This won”t ruin your holiday because Bahasa Indonesia is one of the easiest languages out there to learn. Plus we create this super express course specifically for Bali short-term travelers like you. You will learn only what you need.

Now you can learn Bahasa Indonesia in less than 8 hours. So when your plane takes off, switch off the movie and instead start to immerse yourself in Bali”s culture by learning the local language.

To boost your burning desire to learn a new language, read our top 5 reasons WHY you should absolutely learn Bahasa Indonesia.

A Quick Method To Learn Bahasa Indonesia

Great news! Bahasa Indonesia is much simpler than English because you have no tenses and no grammar to worry about. Even if you had a dreadful time trying to learn a second language in school, learning Bahasa Indonesia will actually be a very enjoyable experience. Guarantee.

To speak Indonesian, you only need to put words in the right order. That”s it. So all you need to learn is how to pronounce the words, and to remember as many words as possible.

Based on this idea, we design the following 3-steps accelerate method:

Is that all? I’m happy to say: Yes! But how about the grammar? Well, there is no real grammar of Bahasa Indonesia.

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