The importance of appearance can not be denied, so when it comes to clothing every single individual desires to look their best. The Balinese are a prime example of a culture that embrace their traditional dress on a daily basis.

Bali Batik Cloths V2Traditional Balinese culture and  Bali clothing still proves a massive draw to the island, and our curiosity with the inherent beauty of Balinese culture’ continues to have a huge impact of the local tourism.

Whilst Bali is is well known for its  beaches, music and art, many visitors to the island are not aware of how closly linked to the culture; tradional style dress is.  Being an island steeped in tradition and religious ceremonies, Bali clothing  is a introduction  to the  traditional designs that the Balinese are known for. Many people expect to see Batik when they come to Bali, but are positively surprised to see the intricate lace work and traditional mens head dresses you see everywhere

Traditional Touch: – There are some aspects of Balinese culture that have been affected by the influence of tourism, but surprisingly Bali clothing is not one of them.  Whilst the local youth wear western clothing on a regular basis, they are also very loyal to their tradional dress, and watching a group of young locals leaving after a ceremony, its not hard to see why. Simply put, they look fantastic!

Everyones a designer: –  Designers are not thin on the ground in Bali, on any given day you can meet several people who when asked, will tell you that they are in Bali to design and manufacture their independent collections.Sadly, there is very little connection with these new innovative to designs to to tradional bali clothing. The new fashions that you see on the island, and in shopping outlets like Oberoi street, tend to be more heavily frequented by tourists rather than locals. One factor that determines this is obviously price, but traditional Bali clothing proves that you don’t need to have lots of money to look amazing.

In your looking for fashionable Bali clothing, you’ll be able to find  jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and other modern designs, though be warned you may find prices very high in comparision to prices back home; for these types of items.

It’s worth mentioning that the Bali clothing retail business is one of the most popular and successful trades for the local people. Although relatively new as a major fashion player on a worldwide scale;  Bali has long since been a manufacturing ground for the many of the western labels and brands that we know and love. Its not hard to find clothes that you like in Bali, but if your feeling adventurous why not step a little out of your comfort zone, and buy  yourself some traditional Balinese clothes. If your planning to visit a temple whilst on your trip, you might find that you need them!