We asked you on Facebook where you would like us to go exploring and you said “a beautiful hidden village”. We thought Penglipuran fitted that description perfectly and went discovering equipped with our camera.

Penglipuran is located 700 meters above sea level in central Bali, about half an hour’s drive from Gianyar. We went there on a quite Sunday in March. Apart from a couple of other tourists, it was only us and the locals going on with their daily business in the village. Like anywhere in Bali we where greeted smiles. The calm atmosphere stands in sharp contrast to some of the more hectic places in southern Bali and this was the perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Even though Penglipuran is unique, it is just one of hundreds of villages in Bali waiting to be explored. Try to take a walk or a drive down one of the small roads in the area you are staying and you will almost certainly find a small beautiful village nearby waiting to be discovered.

Before you go anywhere, take a photo tour through Penglipuran village.

Gasolin Penglipuran

Penglipura Road With Bamboo

Man In Front Of Entrance Penglipuran

Rooster Penglipuran

Garden Peep Penglipuran

Penglipuran Citizen By His House

Penglipuran Village

Boy On The Street Penglipuran

Village Houses

Penglipuran Kitchen

End Of Road PenglipuranTemple Entrance Penglipuran

Penglipuran TempleThe monument for the local hero Anak Agung Gede Anom Mudita who was fighting and got killed by the Dutch.

Penglipuran Swing

Penglipuran Kids Posing

Girls In Penglipuran

Penglipuran ShopThe traditional bamboo roofing is used on almost all houses in Penglipuran.

Lady In Pink Penglipuran VillageSnacks Penglipuran

Man In Front Of Entrance Penglipuran VillageNote the sign on the doorway. It tells the families name and how many men and women living in the house. In this case, three men and two women. All houses in Penglipuran has a similar sign due to local rules.

Penglipuran Sideroad

Sign PenglipuranThe sign indicating the area in the village where you should live if you have more than one wife. Nobody live there at the moment.

Dirt Road PenglipuranFor a place to stay in Bali have a look at our villas in Bali