Anyone who decides to leave the comfort of their home and head to Bali has one thing on their mind, the beach. Bali, a relatively small island is of course surrounded by beaches and many of those beaches are packed with sun baking, bikini wearing, and beer guzzling tourists.

If you are more of an off-the-radar beach lover, like myself, it can feel a little daunting when you stand on Kuta beach and literally feel the energy of thousands of people buzzing around you. If you are going to Bali for that vibe, great, that’s easy to find! But if you are trying to find a little piece of paradise all of your own, I have a few beaches that might just do the trick.

Bali is a volcanic island so has some pretty spectacular black sand beaches, particularly along its eastern and western coastline. Blinding white sandy beaches lined with green tropical palms and post card perfection are also, just around the corner. There are hundreds of beaches in Bali, and many of them are unnamed and unchartered territory by tourists. The best tip I can give anyone is to hire a bike, talk to the locals and go for an explore on your own and see what sort of magic off-the-beaten-path beach you can find. But I also understand not everyone has the luxury of time so I’ll share with you one of my favourite off-the-radar beaches in each of Bali’s famous areas.

Pantai Seseh Beach

In the South of Bali you will dark volcanic and beautiful cliffs dropping down into the sparkling ocean, and amongst the surf beaches and popular tourist destinations there are a few gems of solitude just for you. Canggu is a popular destination for tourists, it’s not as busy or as full on as Kuta and the tourists tend to stick pretty close together, which makes it perfect for finding a quiet beach right off the radar.

Pantai Seseh is a spectacular hidden beach off the beaten path. There are no villas, no shops, and no hotels out here, just quiet green rice fields and a view of the ocean that is sure to take your breath away. Lined with dark, mysterious volcanic sand and can be rugged and windswept at times… but if peace and quiet is what you are looking for on your very own tropical beach… then your search is over.

Pura Tegalwangi Beach

The Bukit area of Bali is packed with surfers, famous breaks surrounding Uluwatu bring surfers and fans alike flocking to the shores. But Pura Tegalwangi is amazingly still perfectly quiet all year around and is my number one favourite beach in Bali, so keep it quiet!

If you are trying to find it on a map think of heading toward Uluwatu after heading up the hill from Jimbaran but instead of turning west just keep going south toward Pura Masuka.

There is a tiny temple here perched on the top of a cliff, and is quite a sight of its own. In front of the temple is a hiking trail that will lead you down to the beach, 15 minutes through the bushland, and you are there, off-the-radar.

Lipah Beach

Lipah BeachLipah Beach is an excellent option in East Bali, it’s beautiful deserted beach charm is sure to lure you in. This is Bali traditional culture at its finest without the tourists, the crowds and the hawkers.

The whole coast line of Amed is very relaxed and tranquil and is a welcome escape from the craziness that the west coast dishes out day and night.

Yeh Gangga Beach

If you are searching further for something off the radar on the west coast of Bali try heading south and you might be lucky enough to find Yeh Gangga.

Only 10km South West of Tabanan is Yeh Gangga Beach, a spectacular beauty with rice fields opening out on a beautiful beach where you can walk, test the water in the shallows and watch the sunset against a backdrop of volcanoes, palm trees and calm.

The beach isn’t good for swimming as it’s very isolated and there are strong currents, so be very careful and take some supplies with you.

Tejakula Beach

Right up in the North of Bali on the East Coast is one of the quietest spots on the island.

The dark sand of Tejakula beach is truly mesmerizing and due to the lack of tourists the water is clear, unpolluted and sparkling clean.

The nearest town is Singaraja, about an hour away, and I would suggest picking up supplies there, as there are no options near the beach except a few little guest houses.

Bali might be a popular tourist destination, but there is certainly more than a few excellent off-the-radar beach destinations, and I’m sure there are more that I haven’t even discovered yet.

Feeling brave?

Grab a map, a friend and a motorbike, there is a whole island worth of coastline just waiting to be explored!