Kuta is the clubbing center of Bali and any day of the week, any time of the year (Nyepi Day – The Day of Silence, being the only exception) you will find the top clubs in Kuta crowded.

Most of the action takes place on Legian street between Poppies lane 1 and 2. Just get there a few hours after sunset and the music will lead you the way.

Dress code is generally lower and the clientele is younger in Kuta clubs compared to the clubs in Seminyak, many clubs will let you in wearing tank top and swim shorts. Most Kuta clubs only charge entrance in case of special events, so you can easily “club crawl” and test a couple of clubs out. To get you started, here is a list of the most popular clubs in Kuta.

61 Legian – aka Skygarden

Right in the center of things is where you find 61 Legian, better known as Skygarden. This is probably the most popular club in Kuta and almost every day the five floors of 61 Legian are packed. Dance shows, fireshows, international DJ’s and a large open air rood terrace are all a part of the Skygarden experience. The club regularly runs promotion like an hour of free beer while dinning. Have a look at the website to see which DJ’s are playing and for current promotions. 61Legian website

Engine room

The Engine room is a narrow club with a dance floor and a small stage where you can show off your best moves.  At the back it opens up into a quieter lounge style section, where you can renew your energy or chat with your clubbing friends.

The music in here is – like in most of the Kuta clubs – whatever is popular at the moment and gets people on the dance floor.



Walk the plank in this Kuta club constructed as a large pirate ship. Bounty offers dancing in two sections – on the deck and below the deck. Outside the ship there is smaller place that is usually dedicated to karaoke, where you have the chance to impress with your best Mariah Carey performance.

People are fairly young and drinks served in large sports drink like plastic jugs are among the favorite treasures in Bounty.

Apache Reggae Bar

Reggae, as the name indicates is king here – especially Bob Marley is popular both when it comes to music and the bars décor. Often there are live acts playing cover versions of Bob Marley greatest hits mixed up with their own songs.

Upstairs you’ll find the Apache surfer’s bar, where the music is more current dance and pop hits.


This club has a bit more attitude than the other clubs in Kuta – a little darker and a little more edge to the music – hip hop seems to be popular at MBarGo. Past midnight the dance floor is usually packed.

Don’t be surprised if you find weird looking characters dancing on the bar in MBarGo, that while grinding a metal plate sends a shower of sparks in your direction,

A note on Kuta clubs

If you are looking for something more posh – you should head to the clubs in Seminyak, where the clubs generally are more stylish, but there are less people too. Especially on week days out of season it can be difficult to find a crowded club. Not a problem you will have in the Kuta clubs.