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How to extend your 30 day visa in Bali

By 11th March 2012 November 29th, 2018 134 Comments

There seems to be a lot of confusion on the subject of extending a Visa on Arrival in Bali and the rest of Indonesia. Probably because it is difficult to find any official information on how to extend your Bali or Indonesian visa and the rules seems to change a lot, but basically you have two options.

Extend your Visa on Arrival yourself or let an agent do it for you. Doing it yourself will save you some money, but will cost a lot of time.

Extend your Bali visa through an agent

The price of the visa extension is 350.000 rupiah or US$35, but if you extend your visa through and agent, the price will be around 3 times that- If you ask me it is worth the extra money, because extending your visa yourself is quite a hassle- see below.
You can find an agent in all the main tourist areas in Bali. Usually travel agents will offer the service. The process will usually take at least 3 days and you need to hand over your passport and a copy of your plane ticket.

Extend your Bali visa yourself

If everything runs smoothly you can extend your Bali visa yourself in three days, but the rules states that you MUST start the procedure seven days before your visa run out. The below can change and different officers might interpret the rules differently, but usually the procedure goes like this:

Day one

Go to the immigration office located at Denpasar airport in Bali, bring copies of your passport, plane ticket and visa on arrival. Fill out your visa extension application and hand it in. You will get a receipt that tells you when to come back to pay for your extension – usually the next day.
Don’t arrive in the last minute. If you are standing in line when the office closes you will have to come back the next day. That goes for day two and three as well.

Day two

Return to the office. Hand over the receipt from day one and pay for you visa extension. You will get another receipt that tells you when to come back to pick up your passport- usually the next day.

Day three

Head to the immigration office to pick up your passport. Don’t forget your receipt.

That is it! You have now earned yourself 30 extra days in Bali.


  • Kevin says:

    Thanks Stefan for the info.

    I”m still confused since I have an air ticket out of Bali. If I extend I will need a new departure date. Do I take the old ticket which will expire or buy a new ticket to show them what date I want to go



    • Stefan says:

      Hi Kevin

      The official answer is that you will need a ticket out of Bali that is valid within your new visa period to extend your visa.

      I have heard of people having their visa extended through agents without handing over a plane ticket though, so that could be an option. You might also be able to do it yourself, as rules usually aren’t carved in stone in Bali, so if you happen to run into a officer that is in good mood he/she might extend your visa without a plane ticket, but I can”t guarantee that.

      Best of luck


  • Justin says:

    Thanks Stefan for the post and it was really helpful (nice to see a recent one as well).

    I”m from Canada. I was wondering if it was alright to show up in Indonesia for VOA with a return flight where the return flight falls later than the initial 30 day VOA period (if the VOA visa is extendable then it should be okay right?). I would mention to the immigration officer that I plan to extend in Bali. Most likely I would take your advice and extend it in Bali showing that I already have a return flight booked within the extended period. Any advice would be great

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Justin

      I am glad you found the guide useful.

      Yes – you should be al right. They wont check your return ticket, but on the plane or in the airport you”ll be asked to fill out an immigration form with your expected date of departure. Just write the date for your planned return, as long as it is within 60 days of your arrival date everything is fine.

      Enjoy your stay in Bali – I am sure you will.


  • Lauren says:

    HI! I plan on extending my visa in bali myself, but I”m wondering if they will hold my visa/passport for me until I can pick it up 10 days later. Do i HAVE to pick it up on the date they give me? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you so much!

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Lauren

      It shouldn”t be a problem picking up the passport a few days later than the date they give you. If you take a photocopy of your passport that might be good enough for the immigration to do the paperwork. In any case it is always a god idea to keep a copy of your passport before handing it over.


  • Rich says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the info!

    I plan to arrive in Bali in August 2012. I have a return ticket out of Bali reserved for December 2012. I plan to obtain a VOA, then extend it every 30 days through an agent in Ubud. Is this possible/advisable? Are there limits to how many times one can extend their visa?


    • Stefan says:

      Hi Rich

      You can only extend your visa on arrival once.

      What you can do and is to take a quick trip out of Indonesia and then return to Bali. That will give you a new visa on arrival that you can extend once. That is a fairly normal to do it like that.

      Another option is to get a social visa, but that is a little more complicated and costly.

      Have a wonderful stay in Bali


  • Jeff says:


    I”m also planning to extend my visa in Bali. Do they extend the visa from the day your original visa expires, or is it from the date you hand in your passport?



  • Melanie Tepperman says:

    hello stefan,
    I am from the 30 day visa expires on the Sept 6th..i have just extended my return flight to the 10th…so, can i go to extend my visa before it is officially expired (since we are only the 4th today and my visa is still good)? a friend told me that she wasn’t able to extend her visa because it was technically still good when she tried to do it…odd but i just don’t want to go all the way to dps if i am just going to get turned away! also, i have heard that there is the possibility of paying a daily fee which might be more advantageous since i am only extending my stay a few days…thanks so much!

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Melanie

      I am surprised that your friend couldn’t extend her visa before it was expired. I’ve never heard that should be a problem.

      You can pay a daily fee (25$ US per day) and avoid the trouble of the extension. You simply leave your visa as it is and will be charged at the immigrations desk at the airport, when you depart on September the 10th.

  • casper says:

    hi stefan, thanks for the helpful post, where would i find one of these agents?

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Casper

      I am glad you found it useful. Most travel agents and probably tour operators too can help you. Or to ask in the place you are staying. There is a good chance that they will know someone who can help you.


  • Silvia says:

    We are staying in Indonesia for 38 days but have novisa yet.Is it a problem when arriving in Yogjakarta to mention our 38 days stay yet? We get a VOA first and than extend it later in Denpasar (before goning to Sulawesi?).

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Silvia

      No, it is not a problem at all. Extending your visa once is perfectly legit.

      You’ll be asked to fill in a immigration form before entering Indonesia, where you have to write your date of departure. As long as you plan to leave within 60 days of your arrival date, you’ll be al right.

      Have a great trip and enjoy Indonesia.


  • Sarah says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Wonderful to hear someone speak clearly about his subject! Thank you some much. Sarah 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Stefan, thanks for the post.

    As you seem to be the visa guru i was hoping for your advice. We have very stupidly booked a flight 2 days after our 30 day VOA runs out….. would you recommend getting an extension (we will be in both Bali or Jakarta at some point) or just paying the penalty fee when we fly out? Any advice would be great.



    • Stefan says:

      Hi Andrew

      Visa guru – I might consider adding that to my business card:)

      Well, the fine is 25$ per day, so if you extend yourself you would save 25$ each. Having an agent extending it for you will cost you about 25$ more than the fine, so that is not really an option.

      Basically the question is whether you want the hassle of extending the visa yourself to save the 25$ per person. I would probably just pay the fine.

      Have a great holiday.


  • Mark says:

    Hi Stefan, thanks for all the good advice. do you know if these agents operate on Sumatra at all, as will most probably be spending more time there.



    • Stefan says:

      Hi Mark

      Unfortunately I haven’t been to Sumatra yet, so I don’t know if you will be able to find an agent there or whether you have to do the extension yourself.


  • Yasha Redpath says:

    Hi, arrived on the 18th November 2012, On visa arrival so I can extend again.

  • melb says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I sent my passport off with an agent on the 12th of this month. I just called him and he said there are dramas with it at immigration. I am leaving in 2 days. Have you ever heard of them taking this long to process?

  • Lauren says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Can you please give a name of a reliable travel agent in Bali (pref around Kuta) that can arrange the extension for me? Perhaps one you used.


    • Lauren says:

      Hi Lauren

      I and several people I know have been using TARI at

      Sugeng Lestari
      SUNRISE – PT.Bali Living Services
      Jl.Tangkuban Perahu No.1 Br.Pengubengan Kangin
      Kerobokan Klod – Bali – Indonesia 80361
      Tel/Fax : 0361-739083
      Hp : 081 79408422
      Flexi : 0361-7418964

      It always runs smoothly. He can help you in Kuta as well. You are welcome to mention Vilondo or my name when you speak to him.

  • Liam says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I’ve contacted the agent you suggested but maybe you can answer this.

    I went to immigration Tuesday to extend my VOA but unfortunately got there just after 12 and was told to go back on Weds but I fell ill and have been ill since and my VOA expires on Sunday (9th Dec).

    Where should I go from here? Am I screwed? Or shall I just go there Monday (10th Dec, one day after my VOA expires) Or shall I use an agent?

    Many thanks


    • Stefan says:

      Hi Liam

      You might want to read this recent post about a guy pretty much in the same situation as you.

      The thing is, that you things might turn out totally differently for you than it did for him. You might meet an officer that just gives you a fine for the overstay or you could meet someone even more strict than the person above.

      If I was you, I would try the agent first and if the can offer you something reasonable I would go with that option. If you decide to do it yourself, do it as the first thing Monday and if you have seen a doctor it could be a good idea to bring some documentation that you have been ill.

      That said it, I am sure it it will work out for you.

      Best of luck! Stefan

  • Lisanne says:

    Hi Stefan!

    How kind of you to help us all, you’re a great help to many people! I hope you can help me as well. I am planning to go to Indonesia for about 45 days, but don’t have the time to get a 60 day visa. My plan was to do a visarun after 15 days to Singapore, and then come back for my remaining 30 days. I would like to do it this way because I would like to see Singapore anyway and because a friend of mine is joining me in my last 20 days and I don’t want to him to wait for a couple of days so I can get my visa extension. Will my plan work out or will my 30-day visa just continue after I enter Indonesia after Singapore?

    Thank you so much for your answer!!!!

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Lisanne

      Yes, your plan will work:) You should get a a new VOA when you land in Bali after Singapore, giving you 30 new days.

      Enjoy your trip!


  • che says:

    Hey mate,

    Just wanted to let you know, immigration have moved to Jl Bypass, about 300 metres from the airport traffic lights heading towards sunset. It is chaos there, first day open and def not ready for the public…no signage at all, bewildered tourists walking in circles, and a 2 hour wait!! oh yeah it was awesome.

    They have tightened the rules; for extending tourist visas at least, now you MUST have minimum 7 Days before the date of your visa expiry, no exceptions, as apparently its all automated now….I had only 6 days so left mildly frustrated after a very long wait….just a little heads up so no one else has this drama.

    You also must have copies of:

    Flight Ticket, Passport photo and VOA .

    Have fun

    have fun!

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Che

      Thanks for getting back to us with the updates – I really appreciate it. I have just made an update to the guide based on your feed back

      Hopefully they get the new office running more smoothly and I’ve hope you have gotten your extension.


  • tom aerts says:

    hi mate,thanks for the great work,just wondering if u happen to know the exact adressv of the immigration office at the bypass and opening hours u have to show up,thanks for any help

  • Elaine says:

    Hey Stefan

    I am sure you are sick of repeating yourself but I would like to come to Bali for a year just to enjoy the sights for at least 6 mths what would I do for a visa ? do you know what it would cost to have to go to Singapore every 2 months and return I want to have a homestay in Ubud for the 6 months /12 mths do you have any suggestions that may be of help and do you know of a visa agent in Ubud … thanks

    • Stefan says:

      You might consider applying for a social visa – you have to do that before you arrive in Bali. The social visa is a 60 days visa that can be extended four times for 30 days, which will give you 6 months in total.

      There are several conditions you need to meet in order to get the social visa including getting a local family or organization to guarantee that you can pay your expenses. You can see all the requirements and the fee here.

      If you book a return flight to Singapore well in advance you can get a return ticket for as low as 50$. I don’t know of an agent in Ubud, but I am sure you can find one when you are there, otherwise the guys at Sunrise (see my answer to Lauren) are fairly mobile and might be able to help you.


  • kevan says:

    Hi Stefan Mr visa Guru man

    I’m going to West kalimantan,Borneo for a possible 12 month stay. Now I know its out of your radar, as bali is 1000 + miles away.But you have answered a lot of my questions. So thanks for some very interesting Q & A revue’s. Looks like I’m gonna be making a few trips outta Pontianak and back. But at least it keeps me there legal. Regards kevano

  • Kelly B says:

    I am in New Zealand, and am having trouble finding correct contact information, or documentation regard pre-applying for Visas to Bali.

    Are to able to share this information please?

    • Stefan says:

      Hi Kelly

      If you are going for a short stay you should get a visa on arrival (VOA). You get that in the airport in Bali. It will cost you 25$US and it lasts for 30 days.

      If you are staying longer you might consider pre-applying (that is probably what you questions was about, but I wasn’t sure, hence the above). what kind of visa depends on what the purpose of your stay is, but you need to apply to the Indonesian website in New Zealand.

      I just had a look at their website and it isn’t very informative when it comes to visas, so you might want to have a look at the Indonesian embassy in Australia: I suppose the rules are the same for Australians and New Zealanders, but the best way forward would probably be to contact your local embassy.

      I hope that help you in the right diretion


  • Laura says:

    Hi Stefan!

    I am wondering if there is a limit to how many times a person can get a VoA and keep doing visa runs to get a new one. Can or would immigration ever refuse to issue a VoA?

    I am thinking of doing this several times to avoid the hassel of extension or applying for a social visa.

    Thanks for you help!


    • Stefan says:

      Hi Laura

      No, their isn’t any official limit to how many times you can leave end re-enter Bali and getting a Visa on arrival, so unless th rules change you can go back and forth as much as you like.


  • Dries says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for all the interesting information! I’m going to Indonesia and travelling from there to Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. So I just booked a single ticket to Jakarta. Do you think it will be a problem for the VOA without any return flight?



    • Stefan says:

      Hi Dries

      It shouldn’t be a problem. I know several people who has entered Jakarta without a return ticket.
      They might ask you about a return ticket, then you just need to explain to them that you don’t plan to stay in Indonesia for longer than the visa allow.


  • Fiona says:

    Hi stefan

    Thanks for all the awesome advice.

    My situation doesn’t seem to have come up (not that I’ve spotted anyways!)
    I arrived in Bali on the 26th Jan 2013 and had planned to do a 60 day long dive master course starting on the 1st Feb so due to finish on the 1st April long story short I didn’t manage to get a 60 visa sorted out in time due to confusion between my self and the dive school.

    So my current visa is due to expire on the 24th Feb and I understand I can extend it once for another 30 days taking me up to the 26th March but that leaves me short of time for the course, and my booked flight to Singapore isn’t until the 9th April.

    Is it possible to do both a visa extension (around 18th Feb) and and return flight out to Singapore and back (around the middle of March) to allow for all my time?

    Hope that all makes sense!
    Many thanks

  • Anna says:

    Hi Stefan,
    I have looked into a visa extension from Ubud and they are charging 850,000 which sounds about right if you take into considertion the travelling expenses from here to Denpasar. We actually came into Bali on a 2 month visa and i’m wondering if the 30 day extension visa that you have been discussing above applies for that visa as well. The agent here also mentioned that we would have to go to denpasar ourselves in order for the immigration office to take a photo and get our prints as well… have you heard about this to extend the 2 month visa? And that we would need a sponsors signature and photocopy of ID??
    sounding like it might be easier to get a cheap flight outta here and come back!

  • Kenny says:

    Hi Stefan,

    How many days does one have to leave Bali for (visa run) to get another 30 days?

    I am going to Bali for c.62 days and want to visit perth somewhere in the middle but only wanna go for about 6 days…will I get my renewed 30 days on arrival?


    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Kenny

      You can leave Bali and return the same day in order to renew your visa, so you can stay in Perth as long (or as short) as it suits you.


  • Simon says:

    Hi Stefan,

    thanks for the great and helpful advice given in this guide.

    I’ve read that there is an (official) minimum amount of 7 days that has to be left on the visa. But is there also a maximum amount of days? I.e. can I apply for the extension with 29 days left on the visa?

    My idea is to extend the visa immediately after arrival, giving me almost 60 days of vacation without having to worry about extending the visa in the middle of the vacation.

    Hope you have an answer. Thanks!


    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Simon

      Good question, but unfortunately I can’t give you a straight answer. I honestly don’t know how they would react if you show up at the immigration right after your arrival, as I haven’t heard of anyone trying that.

      I know it isn’t a problem extending your visa 14 days before it runs out and I am not aware of any rules about a maximum number of days, so it might be possible to do it 29 days in advance, but I can’t guarantee that.

      If you decide to give it a shot I would love hear how it turns out.


  • Brad H says:

    Hey Stefan,

    Thanks so much, this page is amazing. I’ve been directed to some agents who are willing to get you a new VOA without actually leaving. I’m mixed about this. I was wondering if you could theoretically go to the airport, go through customs, hang out in the departure lounge. Then you miss your flight and somehow just wander back through to arrivals. I mean this is probably impossible but we are in Bali…

    What do you think? Or might be less stressful just to fly to Singapore.



    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Brad

      I have heard of the option of getting a new Visa on arrival without leaving, but it is not an option I would recommend. The same thing goes for “missing your plane”. I have to give you points for creativity though:)

      It is not that I have heard any horror stories of things going wrong for people trying any of the two options. I just prefer to stick to the rules and I honestly don’t know the consequences if it somehow went wrong.

      One more thing you should be aware of if you go for the new VOA (with out leaving Bali), is that you will not be able to extend it, as you need a plane ticket that matches the VOA date for the extension and you wont have that since you haven’t left the country.

      Best of luck


  • Era says:

    You can trust to the company as they were help many foreigner a lot 🙂 this company is High Recommended .

  • Alicia says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks, great info!

    I’m travelling to Indonesia next month with a 2 month travel Visa and planning to extend another 2 or 3 months more.
    I would go for the option of doing it myself but most likely I won’t be in Bali all the time so would go other immigration offices depending which I’m closest to each time.
    Would you happen to know what other offices process the extension a part from the one in Denpasar?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Alicia

      My knowledge about immigration offices outside Bali is fairly limited, but I managed to find this list that could be helpful: Immigration offices in Indonesia

      I don’t know how updated it is, so it could be a good idea to check up on it before you venture to any of the offices. Maybe they can help at the general immigration office – there is contact info in the upper right corner of the page.

      Enjoy you time in Indonesia!


  • Erik Unevik says:

    Hi Stefan, thanks alot for your website, thanks to that I have decided to make an extension instead of a Visarun. I hope the immigration will not hazzle me about my 40th day outticket. Anyhow, I’m wondering if you can recomend any reliable Visa extension Agent i Ubud?

    Best regards / Erik

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Erik

      I don’t know of any agents in Ubud. I am sure there is someone there though, so you should able to find one by asking around.

      Otherwise Sunrise (see contact info in the comments a bit further up) might be able to send someone to Ubud to help you.

      Enjoy Bali!

  • blake says:

    hey i need to extend my visa but my travel plans dont put me in one place for more than 3 days was wondering how quick can a agent do it and if it maters if i have less then 7 days left on my visa when i start the process for a extension with a agent


    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Blake

      3 days probably won’t be enough for an agent to extend your visa, but the agents are usually fairly flexible, so it can probably arranged that you hand over the necessary documents in one place and they return your passport and new visa somewhere else if it’s within reasonable distance of where the agent operates.

      Whether an agent is able to extend the visa when you have less than 7 days left on your visa I am not sure

  • Cristina says:

    Hy, stefan, you know if there are visa agents around padangbai? Where the ferries leave to Lombok or gili?

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Cristina

      No, I don’t know anyone around Padang Bai. Try to send the guys at Sunrise an e-mail. There’s a good chance that they know someone who can help you.


  • Sandi says:

    Hi Stefan

    We were in Denpasar and obtaining a Visa Extension in February. We managed to get it in two days saying we were not able to come back the third day to pick it up due to the fact we were moving on out of the area. With a bit of talk among the agents we were told to come back in two hours (or after lunch) and pick it up. We did. They do seem to want to help.

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Sandy

      Thanks for sharing your story.

      My experience is that some of agent are very helpful and flexible while you find others that interpret the rules much more rigidly, so you should always expect to spend 3 on extension, but it is good to hear it sometimes can be done faster.


  • Daisy says:

    How do you pay the extra 25$ a day to extend? Ill only be there for 3 extra days…thank you!!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Daisy

      If you overstay you, just mention to the immigration officers at the airport (you will come by them as part of the standard departure procedure) that you think you have overstayed and they will ask you to pay the fine.


  • Rob says:

    Thanks for your very informative webpage. Do you know if the cost using an agent to extend your VOA is per person? I am travelling with my family and will need to extend 5 visas at once.

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Rob

      The price is per person, but as most things in Bali are negotiable you might be able getter price than the one mentioned above if you need to extend 5 visas

      Enjoy Bali!


  • Moon says:

    Hi Stefan, your page is amazing, thank you for taking the time to help all of us.

    Simon came close to me query, but he hasn’t left an update so still unsure.
    I am about to book a ticket tomorrow for Jakarta and would like to stay 60 days but unsure if I should book it for the allowed 30 days, and then extend it if granted the extra days. Do you know if I can extend the visa when I actually land so that I don’t need to concern myself with doing it later? Or would the initial visa always be 30 days? I don’3t have time to apply for the visa before I intend to leave.

    Thank you for your kindness.

    Love and light, Moon

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Moon

      Whether you can extend you visa right away I am still unsure about. I haven’t heard how it worked out for Simon.

      It won’t be a problem extending your visa, so booking a plane ticket that gives you 60 days in Jakarta shouldn’t be a problem. The visa on arrival and the extended visas are both 30 days.

      I don’t know where you are travelling, but assuming that you are from one of the countries that can get a visa on arrival:

      Have a great trip


      • Moon says:

        Thanks Stefan, I am going to try and extend it at the airport when I land (I know I can get 30 days free tourist visa), will let you know how it works out. Worst case scenario, I book a flight in between and visit somewhere new! It’s more fun than the whole visa extension palava…

  • Jack says:

    Hello Stefan

    You doing a great job by helping us with lots of good information. Good onya.

    I have booked my ticket recently leaving on 14th Aug for Jakarta but my returning ticket was booked earlier (as found cheap price) for 30th Oct which make more then 60 days. I want to change my return ticket date but waiting for price to drop bit more down. Wondering if possible to travel with this ticket and updated later while I am in Indonesia (for 45 days or so) do you think on arrival immigration staff will allow me to enter Indonesia on behalf of this ticket.

    Thanks in advance to look in this matter.



    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Jack

      Very good question. Usually you don’t need to show a return ticket and if you have a good explanation, chances are fairly good that they will let you through even if they ask you for one.

      I know that some airlines departing from Australia (based on your “good onya” I guess you are Australian) do check for valid return tickets before you enter the plane, so that could end up being a problem.

      I really will leave it up to you what to do, but all in all wouldn’t risk it myself, unless it is a fortune you are saving by waiting to change your return ticket.

      Fell free to curse me if you change your return ticket and end up walking through the departure in Aus and immigration in Indonesia without anyone asking for your return ticket (which could be the case)

      • Jack says:

        Hi Stefan

        Thanks for getting back to me with some awesome information.

        Yea you are right I am OZ. Want to ask if I apply 60 days Tourist visa in Melbourne (Indonesian Embassy)would I required a sponsor ? Do I have to give some reason for 60 days Tourist Visa.

        Thanks once again to look in this matter.



        • Jack says:

          Hello Stefan

          Thanks once again for advice. Yea you are right I am Aussie.

          Just one more think want to clear if I apply 60 days Tourist Visa from Indonesian Embassy based in Melbourne do I need sponsor for this visa? Do I have to give them some reason for applying for 60 days Tourist visa instead of 30 days VOA ?

          Thanks for noting this. Looking forward for your response on this.



  • Moon says:

    Hey Stefan,

    I touched down and asked at Visa section where I was paying if I could extend the visa over the initial 30 days and was told yes at the point where you receive your stamp. However, I was in a rush as people were waiting for me, so I dint have time to take it further. I have been told that people here tend to say yes to everything even when they don’t understand you. So all in all, still don’t know for sure…

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Thanks, Moon

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Moon

      I know the kind of “yes” where you aren’t sure if it actually means yes.

      Thanks a lot for getting back.

      Happy travels!


  • Yulia says:

    Dear Stefan,

    Thank you for your helpful post.

    Going to Indonesia for 32 days, will be travelling a lot, so I am afraid there won’t be time to deal with all the bureaucracy.

    Therefore, I was wondering, if we pay a fee of 25$ (50$) per extra two days,
    it is not the same as penalty from the country?
    They will let us in the Indonesia in the future, right?
    Is it completely legal?
    And the final question, where do we have to go and pay it, and how long does this process take?

    Thank you so so so much, Visa Guru Stefan!

    Looking forward to your reply,

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Yulia

      I suppose you could say it is illegal to overstay your visa, that is why they fine you 50$, but we are not talking major “crime”. It is not something that will be registered anywhere and they will gladly welcome you back into Indonesia.

      I haven’t overstayed my visa myself, but people I know have just paid when entering immigration. In some cases they have been asked to follow the officers into an office where they have paid the fine.

      The process only take a minute or two.

      Enjoy your 32 days in Indonesia!


  • Steven says:

    Hey there,

    You seem to be a know-all source about this. Myself and my girlfriend are very interested in moving to Bali for a period of about two years. We are Canadian. We have no contacts, or sponsors in Indonesia, or potential employers. How would we go about doing this?

    Could we do a 30 day visitor visa and leave the country every 30 days and just keep renewing for two years straight?

    Please advise.

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Steven

      Yes, your plan is doable and quite few a people do it that way.

      You won’t have to leave every month though, as your visa on arrival can be extended once every time you have been out of Bali, so you only have to leave the island every 60 days.



  • Shanti says:

    Dear Stefan

    Am planning to come to Indonesia through Jakarta, leave within 30 days from Yogyakarta (to Singapore), return to Yogyakarta after a week in Singapore, leave with 30 days to Australia and return to Yogyakarta a week after that… do the same rules apply for Yogyakarta as they do for Bali?…(everyone here seems to be speaking of Bali)… i.e. can I get VOA each time I return?… I will have my flight tickets out already booked and so can prove; I’m leaving before the specified 30 day limitation.

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Shanti

      Yes, the same rules apply for the rest of Indonesia, so you should be fine.

      Enjoy Indonesia and Singapore.


  • marjetka says:

    Hi Stefan,

    Your site is wonderful. I am wondering if you can help me.

    I am traveling from Europe to Bali in August. I want to purchase a one-way ticket because i do not intent to go back to Europe. From Bali i will travel back to Australia.

    I will be in Bali for 2months at least. I am doing a voluntary placement at the Writer’s festival in October and also doing a Vipassana course.

    I understand that the first visa extention is not difficult to do. I am unsure whether i will stay longer then 2 months. I understand that i can pay for a further extension to stay longer ( another month).

    My question is that i am booking my tickets on line – a one-way ticket. If i book a return then i will be up for costs to change my departure date. But i believe the Balinese authorities will not let me into the country unless i have a return date.

    I am wondering if you could advise me on what to do.

    Thank you

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Marjetka

      Not having an return ticket is usually not a problem when arriving in Bali, but some Australian airlines sometimes check if you have a return ticket before they le you enter the plane to Bali in Australia. You might be able to talk you on to the plane without the return ticket, but it could be a good idea to check with your airline.

      You mention you might want to stay longer than two months. hen you will need to take small trip out of Bali in order to extend your visa. In the papers you will need to fill out before you enter Bali, you will be asked, when you plan to leave Bali. You should write a date within the 60 days.

      Enjoy the Readers and Writers festival and the rest of your time in Bali.


  • mel says:

    Hi Stefan

    Great info on here!

    I am looking to travel to Bali for 6 months, and the social visa seems very complicated. Now is it possible to go to bali on a VOA, extend it by 30 days, then when that is up, fly to singapore, and return to bali the same day? This will re-start my VOA yes? and i can re-extend it by another 30 days etc etc. Will indonesian personel pick me up on this? Is this lega? To just leave the country every 2 months and start again?

    Please let me know if you think this is a good idea or a terrible idea haha.



    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Mel

      That sound like exactly the way I would do it. A lot of people do it that way and it wont get you into trouble. There are no rules against just leaving the country for a few hours.

      Have fun in Bali.


  • Robert Parson says:


    Good article.

    From mid December onwards we are spending the next three years travelling the world. Staying two to three months per location.

    We will arrive in Bali on a single ticket as our second leg will not have been decided.

    Will this present a problem when extending the visa and will we need to extend the visa a second time should we stay in total three months?

    Robert & Rebecca

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Robert and Rebecca

      Regarding the single ticket, see my answer to Marjetka a couple of comments above this one.

      I you decide to stay in Bali for three months you will have to fly in and out of Indonesia after two months in order to renew your visa for the last month. Singapore is an easy and cheap destination for that.

      Three years around the world sounds amazing. I wish you all the best on your adventures.


      • Stefan Russel says:

        Hi Ralph

        I am sorry, when it comes to Indian visas I’m blank and I don’t know of any resources either. Maybe your local Indian embassy can offer you some advice.



  • Natalie says:

    Do you know of a place in Lembogan that the tourist visa could be extended? Thank you!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Natalie

      I don’t know of any place on Lembongan. Try to ask one the locals, it seems like everybody knows each other on Nusa Lembongan, so if there is someone who can help you, chances are good that they will know.


  • Stefan Russel says:

    Hi Kelly

    The options are pretty much down to social visa or doing visa runs.
    The cheapest tickets to Singapore (for a return) can be bought for around 70$.

    I am sure you and your children will enjoy Bali.


  • Kath says:

    Hi Stefan,
    In response to Moon’s comments earlier, I asked to get a further 30 days at the VOA counter on the way in and was told it was not possible. I was then directed to the immigration officers to help me who told me I had to get the extension outside the airport presumably at the immigration office at Jalan Raya.
    Oh and thanks for all the info so I know exactly what to do for my extension.
    Cheers Kath

  • Jennifer Huskisson says:

    Hi Stefan and thank you for your info. We are an older couple in our 60s going to Bali next Feb, 2014. Just booked airplane and hotel. Trouble is in my enthusiasm for the holiday, I booked for 37 days (including day arriving and day leaving) forgetting that the visa on arrival is only for 30 days. We live in a remote part of Tasmania. My question is if we arrive in Denpasar having filled in our correct date of leaving on our entry documents (37 days) will we both be able to get our VOA for 30 days and also start the process of an extention there and then on the spot in the airport at Denpasar. We are only in Denpasar for 4 days and then move on to Lovina. We have British passports. Do we need to take passport photos with us. Unfortunately we arrive quite late in Denpasar about 10pm. What would you suggest, I am now very worried and not looking foward to my holiday at all. Thank you, Jennifer

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Jennifer

      You won’t be able to start the application on the spot in the airport, but that shouldn’t be a problem either as there is a immigration office in Singaraja, just a few miles from Lovina. My suggestion would be to wait with the extending procedure till you are in Lovina and have plenty of time. You can see the address of the immigration office here:

      Even though I don’t know of any agents in Lovina, I am sure they exists. if you don’t want to do the extension yourself. Just ask at your hotel. I am certain they can assist you.

      You shouldn’t be needing any photos, but bring copies of your passports.

      I hope this puts your worries to a rest and you start looking forward to your holiday again.

      I wish you a great holiday in Bali


  • Tom says:

    Dear Stefan,
    how to count thw days exactly?
    I arrived on Oct 10 (VOA). Does Oct 10 count as day 0, as day 1 or as 1st day of a full month? Accordingly, I wd have to leave or renew by Nov 9, Nov 8 or Nov 10 respectively. Which date is correct? Thanks, Tom 🙂

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Tom

      Good question:)

      I can’t give you clear answer as it seems to immigration officers interpret the rules differently.

      Mu logic tells me that you should count your arrival day as day zero. Otherwise a 1-day visa (not that such at visa exist in Bali) would not give you any time in Bali. Counting like that will mean that you have to leave on the 9th of November and most officers will let you through without questions asked.

      I do know of people who have been fined 25.000 rupiah for overstaying one day when using the above calculation, meaning that some officers seems to count your arrival day as day 1.

      Just to make sure, I have just checked the dates of a recent 30 day extension of a social visa and here the first day count as day zero, so I am confident that that is the correct way to calculate it.

      The last option you mention, just adding a month is definitely wrong (unless the month has 30 days) as the visa is 30 days.

      In short, I would say you can stay until November 9th, but you might be unlucky to cross an officer who will try to charge you 25.000 rupiah if you do.



  • Sarah Moss says:

    I was just wondering if you can help me. I want to stay in indoneasea for 60 days but looks like I will have to get the 30 day on arrival then try and get it extended. Can I book my flight out for after the 30 days and just assum they will extend? Also, when can I extend the visa? Can I do it straight away when I arrive of does it have to be for example 10 days before it expires? Many thanks in advance, Sarah 🙂

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Sarah

      Extending your visa on arrival once is pretty much a formality, so you can assume your visa will be extended and plan for 60 days.

      I don’t know how they will react at the immigration office if you show up on the same day you arrive, but I have never heard of a rule that states you can’t extended before a given number of days.

      Note that you need to start the extending process minimum 7 days before your VOA runs out.

      Enjoy all 60 days in Indonesia!


  • Eco says:

    Hi Stefan, I would like to confirm for your readers that the minute you get your passport visa, that is counted as DAY 1. So if you arrive near the counter before midnight, move back in the cue and let others through, so you can have DAY 1 start with a full day and not just a few minutes in the airport. My day one was stuck in the airport and the clock ticked over midnight, so I didn’t get any Bali time at all for day one. That sucked and I felt ripped off. Cheers on a good guide.

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Eco

      Thanks for the heads up on that one. I really appreciate you took the time to share this. It definitely makes sense to take a couple of extra minutes in line if you land in around midnight.



  • marilyn says:

    Hi Stefan,

    I see similar questions but still not quite sure I’ve got the answer…

    I will be staying in Indonesia for a total of 38 days (bali, Lombok, Sumatra) and am worried about not being in one place long enough to extend (it sounds like a 3 day process from what I’ve read)

    I am hoping to extend at Denpasar airport or Ubud as we will be in these areas for a few days each. Do I need to wait until after the first 8 days that I am there to apply so that I am sure to be covered for my entire trip (38 days), or can I just extend at any time-meaning the second visa kicks in after the 30 days from my first visa?

    Hope this makes sense, thanks very much for your help!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Marilyn

      The extension will be from the day your original visa runs out, so even if you get in done within a few days of your arrival you still get to stay 60 days in Indonesia.

      In case you decide to extend your visa in Ubud, there is an agent on Jalan Hanoman. I don’t have any experience with the agent, I just noticed the office last time I was there, because a few people has asked me if I knew of an agent in Ubud.

      The office is located 500 meters (take or give a few hundred meters) down Jalan Hanoman from Jalan Raya Ubud on the right.

      Enjoy your travels!


  • Scott says:

    Hi Stefan
    Thanks for your wonderful website…I have read all the comments on tourist visa above but my situation is a little different so thought it warranted a question.
    We are family of 4 wanting to spend 6 mths in Bali. 1) Can you tell me where to get 60day tourist visas before leaving aust (melb) to save too many visits to immigration once in Bali…if we were planning to come end of Jan 2014 would there be enough time now to get these here? 2) if we come in on 60 day visa can we switch to SOS bud without leaving the country or do you have to leave and renter on SOS bud? 3) is there any alternate to doing visa run every 60 days as this could get expensive with flights and accom to say Singapore with 4 of us? Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated. Scott

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Scott

      It sounds like a social visa would be the optimal solution for you and your family. There are a few requirement to get the social visa, e.g. you have to apply while you are outside Indonesia and you need a local sponsor.

      I don’t have any personal experience with social visa so I don’t think I am the right person to advice on social visas, but there are couple of other good guides to social visas out there. Try to google “social visa Indonesia” or “social visa Bali”.

      You can also try to send the Indonesian embassy in Canberra an e-mail, they should be able to provide you with updated details.

      I hope that helps a bit.

      Late holiday greeting and all the best with your Bali adventures


  • Peter says:

    Hi Stefan

    Thank you for all your time and advice. I booked my flight to Bali with a return just under 90 days before I found out about the 60 days total. It looks like I could get a VOA and one extension and then a trip out to get a new VOA. My question is, does the immigration in
    DPS check your return ticket when you get your VOA? I suppose I could tell them I am planning to go to other countries and return from DPS. Just thought of that.


    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Peter

      It is not uncommon that the immigration officers check your return ticket, but if plausible explanation like the one you have written above, there shouldn’t be any trouble.

      As I mentioned a couple of time in the comment have heard of Australian Airlines checking up on visa and return tickets before departing for Bali. I haven’t heard of anyone not being let on the plane though, but it might be worth checking with your airline.

      Happy travels and have a great 2014


  • Peter says:

    Hi Stefan!

    Thank you for excellent and updated information about extensions of visa in Bali.

    I wonder if you can give an update on where the Immigration office or offices now are located in Denpasar.

    Thanks a lot!!


  • Tessa says:

    Hi there,

    I´m having trouble finding out the locations of the immigration offices here in Bali in order to extend my 30 day visa. The immigration officer in the airport told me there are three in Bali. Not sure if you know where they are. Surely one in Denpasar, ubud, and…

    Thanks for you help!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Tessa

      See my comment just above yours. Apart from the two I mention there, there is an office on the north coast near Lovina.

      I hope you manage to find one


  • Johanna says:

    Hi Stefan!

    And thanks for the great page – been reading it with great interest. We arrived to Bali two days ago and know, that we will stay in Indonesia almost 60 days. We already have our flights to Kuala Lumpur on the 4. of March.

    I’ve been reading about extending our visa on arrivals for 30 days more and I’m a bit confused: do we or do not need a sponsor for it? Cause if we don’t it would be a lot cheaper to do it ourselves at the Immigration office. We’ve been asking around in Sanur and all the travel agents say it might take 10 day to get the extension… Can it be that long? And if it takes 10 days, is it okay for us to leave Bali, say to the Gilis, and come get our passports when we come back and continue our trip? Or is it like elsewhere in Asia, where you need your passport to check-in at hostels?

    Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Johanna

      You don’t need a sponsor to extend your visa on arrival. The sponsor is only needed if you are applying for a 60 visa before you arrive in Bali.

      Regarding the 10 days processing is is fairly normal that it takes that long, but in my experience they can often do it a little faster if you are in a rush, but note that the extension process needs to be started at least 7 days before your visa runs out.

      Hotels and guest house will usually ask for you passport when you check-in. It has had happened quite a few times that I have left my passport behind when travelling around Bali, but having a photo of my passport on my phone has always been good enough, so as long as you bring a copy of you passport you should be fine.

      Happy travels! 🙂


  • Angie says:

    Hey Stefan,
    I arrived @ 11:55PM and overstayed 2 days. At the airport I was called into the office and was fined 800,000R. They counted the 5 minutes upon arrival as Day 1 and my departure date as Day 4. I had called immigration prior to my departure and was told I needed to have my 150,000 exit fee plus the 400,000 fine. I actually had to leave the airport and go to the ATM by the McDonalds to get the extra Rupiah.. They were nice but they seem to make the rules as they go along. They were insistent that the rules had changed. On my next visit I was not charged for either my arrival or departure date…I was there from March to May 2013. I extended my visa through an agent in Kuta. It cost 600,000…but was so easy…well worth the price for a hassle-free visa!!!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Angie

      Thanks for sharing.

      I never had any trouble with visa officials myself, but from others I have heard similar stories. There are definitely some of the immigration officers that are a little too creative when it comes to handing out fines and you are in a tough spot when you are alone with several officers and have a plane to catch.


  • lekha priyan says:

    hello stefan,
    i had given my passport for extension on january 10th,my voa expires on january 16th,my passport is still in immigration for the further extension of 3o days,i ddnt get my pasport yet ,will there be any case of overstay or will there be any pbmz,i given my extension through an agent,my second time,i am little worried as if there is any overstay can i tell my agents to pay in immigration or do i need to pay in airport immigrationduring my departure.can you please comment

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Lekha

      Thank you for your question. If not sure I can give you a good answer though. If you need to pay a fee for starting the the extension process a day to late I am fairly sure the agent can help you doing that. Since they didn’t mention anything when you asked them to extend your visa it might not a a problem at all.

      For a clear answer I would contact the agent you are using if I were you.

      All the best


  • Anders H says:

    I just went to the office near denpasar airport today.
    If you are going, remember to have booked your new ticket out of Bali, the new ticket date must be in the extended period.

    The adress is:
    Kantor Imigrasi
    Kelas I Khusus Ngurah Rai
    Jl. Raya By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 300 B
    Telf. 0361 935 1038
    Tuban, Badung, Bali

    Next to the gas station..

  • urban says:


    we are planning a 60 days stay in bali, so if we book our return flight within the 60 days everything is fine? or do we still have to show the return ticket within the 30 days?
    do i have to tell the officer at the immigration that i want to extend my visa later on?
    its my first visit to indonesia so i dont know how things work over there!

    thanks in advance!

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Urban

      Yes, you will be perfectly fine with a return ticket within 60 days of your arrival and you can just tell the officers that you plan on extending the visa.

      Happy travels


  • lorraine says:

    Hi Stefan

    We are flying out back to Australia at 11.00pm on our 29th day in Bali. Are we still safe to have a 30 day visa or should we extend. I have been advised that I should extend “just in case”…. Many thanks.

    • Stefan Russel says:

      Hi Lorraine

      I have never heard of anyone having trouble leaving on the 29th day of their stay in Bali and I would not extend myself in a situation like that.
      Of course your flight might be delayed and nothing is 100% certain when it comes to matters like this in Bali, but I would say chances are extremely low that you will have any problems.

      I wish you a nice stay in Bali and a smooth return to Australia


  • Helly says:

    Need the address please for extension visa…

  • Erika says:

    “Hi Stefan, My sister and I are flying into Bali on June 8th, and we’re flying out on July 9th. I thought that this would have been fine for a 30 day trip…but I have just found out that it actually means I’ll be in Indo for 31 days…so I’ll be a day late. I have looked into changing my flight- but it seems like a pain dealing with Air Asia. I also read that I will just be given a $20USD overstay fee. I just want to confirm with others who have paid this fee that there are no hassles at the border? You just pay your fee and all is good? I don’t want to be arrested and imprisoned or something for having overstayed by 1 day… Would you suggest I just pay the fee or should I apply for a visa extension?”

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