Bali’s has some of the best diving in Asia. At Tulamben you can dive the USAT liberty wreck. A 120 meter long, coral covered, Second World War American transporter resting on the ocean bottom just off the coast.

Diving Bali CoverAt Nusa Lembongan ans Nusa Penida you can encounter the rare and spectacular Sunfish or Mola Mola.

At the Gili Islands you are almost guaranteed to swim with seaturtles when diving or snorkelling.These are just three of Bali’s many great dive destinations. To give you an overview of all of them we have written a e-book, where you can read about all Bali major dive destinations. It’s free of course and you can find it and download it here: Diving e-book

Holiday villas in Bali

For a place to stay while you are above water have a look at our many villas in Bali and on the Gili Islands