Some time ago, it was proposed to ban alcohol in Indonesia and the proposition is on the Indonesian parliament’s legislative agenda for 2013.

To get an indication of how a ban of alcohol would affect tourism in Bali we have been running a poll on the site asking what a ban would mean to our visitors.

317 people answered the question. You can see what they said below:

Alcohol Ban
Even though we feel that is unlikely that a ban of alcohol will be introduced in Bali, the above figures shows that a ban could have a massive impact on Bali’s tourism industry. More than 2/3 of the people who answered the poll said that they would not spend their holiday in Bali or would be less likely to spend their holiday in Bali.

On the positive side 10% said that would be more likely to visit Bali if alcohol was to be banned.

You can see the full survey and the related press release here.