Water, it’s one of life’s essential beauties. We need it, we crave to be near it, we relax by it, and we find peace in it. Water has been said to be the healer of many of life’s stresses and perhaps this is why when on holiday most of us go searching for the perfect watery destination to relax by. Bali Island is surrounded by beautiful water and spectacular beaches, but it is not only the beaches that draw international tourists to this haven of relaxation.

Bali has the hot tropical climate that is perfect for poolside relaxation and spa treatments to really indulge inspire and relax you. Most Bali hotels boast a beautiful swimming pool, almost every Bali rental villa has a private pool to soak in, but there are three pools in Bali that are truly designed to take your breath away and blow your mind.

Private infinity pools at the Ubud Hanging

Hanging Pools Bali Tourism On The Edge 04

Number one, for mind blowing swimming pools in Bali is undeniably, the spectacular private infinity pools at the Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel and Resort. Thirty eight luxury villas, each boasting spectacular infinity pools which are designed in a curved shape to literally mould you into the landscape, these pools hang over the forest below, giving you nothing but green as you relax, refresh and recharge in what can only be called perfection.

Uncommon pool on the cliffs of Uluwatu

Alilaubud Infinity Pool

High up on the spectacular cliffs of Uluwatu, are the Alila Villas, beautifully designed, crafted and presented this complex not only boasts amazing unspoiled views of the open ocean, but a pool that is like nothing else in this world. The Alila Villas pool stretches out along the cliff face, and is designed as an infinity experience where from the pool it feels like you are almost touching the ocean below. Luxury is done here, at its finest.


The pool made-of dream in the heart of Ubuds forests

ComoshambhalaRight in the heart of Ubuds spectacular forests, is the amazing, the perfect place to find peace, whilst healing the body through the many spectacular spa therapies available. The pool here at the Shambhala Estate is truly the stuff that dreams are made of. Wooden decking leading up to a black marble infinity pool with nothing in front of you but nature at its most beautiful, it really is something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Water is essential for life. Water is the place we all go to for peace and wellbeing. Why not spoil your mind, your body and your soul by relaxing by one of the Bali’s most mind-blowing swimming pools.