We are all part of the online generations nowadays were staying connected to the rest of the world via Wifi in Bali, is one of our main priorities. You need not worry about doing this in Bali as there are many options available to you like data sim-cards, roaming and most villas also have cable internet with a 15-20mbps connection.

Indonesian Sim Card

If you are on the go and want to stream music, navigate around the island whilst also posting to your socials all of your smoothie bowls, we would suggest purchasing an Indonesian data sim card from either XL Axiata or Sim Pati brands for the best coverage. Starting from 150,000 IDR for a 6GB sim card to approximately 200,000 IDR for a 15GB data sim card for a relatively inexpensive option you can stay online with ease. These are mostly set prices and are available from select street vendors and stores. They will set up your phone with the sim card on the spot so you can test that all is working as well as be shown how to check your data balance. If you run out of data they can recharge your data, plus for as little as 50,000 IDR include calling credit for you to call internationally.

** This is our go-to option if you want to avoid the costly international fares that come with data roaming.

Making International Calls

We suggest doing this via Skype, Whatsapp or another data platform to avoid additional charges and for best reception. However, if you need to ring an international landline or mobile and data is not the option, you can dial out of Bali using the following steps:

*If calling an Australian landline or mobile with the +61 prefix.

  1. Enter 01000
  2. Then enter 61
  3. Enter your area code i.e. 7
  4. Enter your number i.e. 3103 3139
  5. Dial

Thus you would enter 01000 617 3103 3139

Bali Xl Data Sim Card

What will I get for approximately 200,000 IDR:

  • 15GB Data
  • 15GB Youtube Data
Bali Simpati Data Sim Card

What will I get for approximately 150,000 IDR:

  • 6GB Data

Activating Data Roaming from Home

When you are after the most convenient option, by far data roaming comes in first. You simply bring your phone from with your sim cards still inside and just switch off aeroplane mode once you land, and viola you will be automatically connected to a network. Our advice would be to check with your local provider before you leave, to set up a data roaming plan that suits you. This will save you an exuberant bill upon your return from holidays. It still, however, is expensive as your data packets will quite likely be small yet come with a huge cost.

Bali Wifi Data Roaming Ana

Connecting to Free WiFi

Finding free WiFi in Bali is not a problem as almost every villa and restaurant has it readily available. If you are on the go and want to connect, we suggest buying a cold drink and sitting inside a cool cafe whilst you connect to their Wifi. Whilst Wifi download speed may not be as fast as you are used to back home, it is generally pretty strong and efficient for emails and uploading a picture to the gram (Instagram).

**Our only suggestion is to be very careful with what data you are downloading and passwords you are using when connected to public WiFi to ensure those personal details don’t get into the hands of the wrong person.

Lola's Mexican Cantina | Canggu, Bali
Villa Jamadara Wifi | Ungasan, Bali

As you can see, there is no need to stress about staying connected whilst holidaying in Bali. Whether you are wanting to check your emails, read the daily news or stream Netflix (depending on your country of origin, may now work on WiFi) there are options available to keep you connected. When you next escape to paradise might we suggest beach bar hopping from Legian to Canggu or checking out the cool co-working hub of Canggu.