Why rent a villa with pool fence?

With more than 600 pool villas for rent, we often speak to parents that have concerns about their children’s safety and we understand that holiday plan with children needs to focus on not merely finding avenues of keeping children entertained but also ensuring at all times that they are safe and secure -be it in the child proofing of rooms or the kind of accommodation one opts for, right to the surroundings that one maybe located at.

The “flip side” of the luxury of a private pool villa in fact is in its privacy-you get to ‘hog the pool’ which on the other hand could also mean that sometimes the child may wander off towards the pool unattended – a situation we would rather not have. Toddlers in particular are more exploratory and thus tend to make every attempt to seek new things and places to explore. For that reason and to ensure you peace of mind throughout your holiday we provide the option of renting a pool fence with almost all of our villas in Bali.

Choose among hundreds of villas with pool fence

Villas With Pool Fence

Fencing for pools already exists in some of our villas in Bali, but we have extended this facility to almost all our villas listed on our site. Basically what you have to do is choose as you wish the villa that suits your need and that will be provided with fencing on the day of your arrival. While there may be just a few villas whose landscaping may not allow the putting up of a fence, most others are flexible enough for getting a fence with a proper closing facility along with it, which means that you don’t have to limit yourself to certain villas when you are searching for villas in Bali for your family.

How do I arrange a pool fence with my villa in Bali?

If you are interested in having a pool fence set up at your holiday villa, simply leave a message in the comment field when you inquire about a villa on our website and one of our villa experts will provide you with information about the availability and the rental fee for the fence and we’ll have the pool fence set up for you on your day of arrival.

You can start browsing our villas in Bali here. Our villa experts are waiting to answer all the questions you may have.