Your honeymoon is supposed to be perhaps the most cherished trip possible in a person’s life. We all dream about spending our honeymoon in the best ever place, in the most memorable way ; and this is definitely attainable if you choose to spend yours – in one of the many Bali honeymoon resorts.

Bali Honeymoon VillasBali is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago famous for its clothing, music, art, painting, metalworking, dance and most of all its fabulous scenic beauty. That’s not forgetting to mention that Balinese beaches are up there with some of the most beautiful in the world. It’s this scenic beauty  that will ensure your honeymoon is memorable for years to come. The soothing ambience, breath-taking beaches and natural beauty all make Bali a perfect place to  luxuriate on your trip of a life time.

While planning for your honeymoon; accommodation is perhaps the most important thing to consider; especially as its your honeymoon, and like most newlyweds you will be craving as much uninterrupted private time as possible.

Below you can find a simple check list with questions you should ask yourself when planning your perfect Bali Honeymoon

  1. Does the villa have self-catering facilities?
  2. Is there a driver attached to the villa or will you need to book transport every time you want to go out
  3. What staffs comes with the accommodation, do they reside in the property and  if not what time do they come each day. You don’t want the romance of your Bali honeymoon to be interrupted by a noisy cleaner at 8am every morning
  4. How private is the pool. If this is not shared, is it overlooked by another other villas
  5. Do they have laundry facilities, if so is everything you need provided such as  powder, instructions for how to use the machine etc. Note: Laundry in Bali can be pretty harsh on your clothes, so if you are bringing your best clothes, it’s worth considering this when sending things out
  6. Does the villa have music and dvd facilities? Whilst you may plan to spend your days lying by the pool, it would be great if you could do that with your favourite music in the background. And even better if on that one evening you don’t want to go out , you can cuddle up with your new hubby/wife on the sofa enjoying a glass of your favourite tipple and a movie
  7. Are they any alcoholic beverages provided? Most of the more exclusive villas come with a fully stocked bar the cost of which is usually integrated into the overall villa cost. However,premium spirits and wine are very expensive in Bali and can be tricky to get hold of. If you plan on enjoying some champagne or brandy on your Bali honeymoon, you may want to think about bringing this with you

Organizing a Bali Honeymoon is no different from organizing your honeymoon anywhere else in the world. But in order to make sure it goes smoothly and irritant free, a little pre-preparation will go a long long way.

There are options galore things of thing to do and places to stay when you decide to enjoy the most important holiday of your life in Bali.  If you have yet to decide which villa to spend your perfect Bali honeymoon in the Vilondo team will love to help you.