Canggu has becoming increasingly popular among visitors to Bali. Canggu’s dining scene has evolved along with the number of visitors. Canggu’s eating places have not yet reached the gastronomic level of the top restaurants of neighboring areas like Kerobokan and Seminyak. However, restaurants in Canggu often make up for it in authentic charm and Balinese warmth.

Here are our eight favorite restaurants in the Canggu area.

1. Warung Dandelion

It is hard not to fall in love with this little place. You can feel the warmth from the moment you enter the beautiful wooden, traditional Joglo that houses the restaurant. This is a feeling that will stay with you through your entire visit to Warung Dandelion. The hostess’ and the service staff are welcoming and attentive. Above all, the classic Indonesian dishes are made with passion.

If you have a liking for fluffy animals (and who doesn’t?), make sure to pay a visit to the backyard where you will find Dandelions’ cute bunnies.


2. Hotel Tugu

Hotel Tugu offers one of the most unique dining experiences in Canggu.  You can choose between a number of dining experiences which combine a look into to Indonesian culture and theater with dining.

Among your options is an aphrodisiac dinner in bed, where your dinner is served in an antique double-bed on the beach. You can also try the Forbidden City dinner, where singing eunuchs serves your dinner on antique silver plates within a reconstructed 1706 temple from Java.

Every Thursday night at 7:30 pm Tugu has cultural dining night, where you can experience traditional Balinese dances while dining in authentic surroundings at the hotels high-ceilinged bale.

You can see all the cultural dining experiences on Hotel Tugu’s own website.  However, note that these cultural dining experiences need to be ordered a day in advance.

Hotel Tugu Dining


3. Alsace a Table

Alsace a Table is owned by a couple from Alsace and with their restaurant they have brought a little piece of eastern France to Bali.

If you expect French haute cuisine you might be disappointed. What you find at Alsace a Table is authentic French regional dishes like one of my personal Alsacian favorites tarte flambée/flamme kuche., which Alsace a Table makes this dish extremely well.

The restaurant imports many of their ingredients from France. As a bonus cheeses, hams, and sausages can be bought in the restaurant’s very own deli.

4. Eternal home style dining

Eternal home style dining is slightly more upscale than your average Canggu restaurant, but prices are fair.

The chefs cook up elegant looking Indonesian classics, based on ingredients from Bali’s hill-land. They also use fresh seafood from the surrounding waters and herbs from the restaurants own garden. At night, the lit up lush green surroundings adds to the ambience, making Eternal home style dining one of Canggu’s top choices for a romantic night out.

Eternal Restaurant


5. Betelnut Café

Betelnut Café opened in Canggu about 4 years ago, and has been a Canggu favorite ever since. Betelnut proves that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. Most dishes on the menu are inspired Indonesian flavors, often with a personal touch. You can find burgers and Mexican dishes here as well.

The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. It is a popular place among surfers, who often com here for a solid breakfast after spending the morning in the waves.

Betelnut Café2

6. Red salt café

If you are looking for some good cheap local food, consider paying Red Salt Café a visit. This friendly café/restaurant is located just five minutes inland from Echo Beach, and is surrounded by rice fields. There are several children-friendly dishes on the menu. This combined with the café’s pool, makes it a fine lunch stop for families.

If you prefer eating at home Red Salt does take out as well.


7. Aoba

Don’t let the slightly odd location and basic interior scare you away. Aoba is situated right on the street but, if you are craving genuine Japanese food, Aoba is your best option in Canggu. The owner is Japanese and has a restaurant in Tokyo as well.

Aoba has a good selection of sushi. However, the restaurant is so much more than that. The ramen (a Japanese noodle dish) and the gyazas (japanese dumplings) are very tasty as well.


8. La Finca

It seems like everything served in small portions gets labelled tapas these days, but the tapas at La Finca are true to their Spanish origin.

You find all the classics, like manchego, jamon Iberico, and patatas bravas here.  You should also leave room for less common tapas, such as the double-roasted, crispy pork belly with a green apple puree-sauce, grilled tuna steak with basil pesto and truffle aioli or one of the Spanish inspired burgers.

For the ultimate informal dinner bring a handful of friends, order as many tapas as you like and a pitcher of the Sangria to share.

La Finca Bali2