Bali is the perfect place for a family vacation. The Balinese loves children, families are welcomed with a smile everywhere and there are plenty of things to for families in Bali. Below 7 family activities in Bali that that will make a great day for the entire family.
Owl Bali Bird Park1

1. Explore Bali Bird Park

Spend a day with the family among parrots, pelicans, eagles, flamingoes and hundreds of others tropical birds in Bali Bird Park. Many of the birds roams freely in the park, while others are kept in cages, but all birds look like they are well taken care of.
Apart from wandering around the park and enjoy the birds, you are welcomed to help the bird keepers feeding the birds on scheduled times of the day or to watch one of the bird shows that are held daily. The bird of prey show being one of the most popular.
Bali Bird Park is located between Sanur and Ubud and can be reached in 20 minutes from Ubud and within 30-60 minutes from most places in the South. The entrance fee is US 25$ for adults and 13$ for children(2-12).The fee includes entrance to the smaller reptile park across the road.

Water Bom

2. Splash in Waterbom

Water Parks is a classic family holiday activity in Bali. Waterbom, located in Kuta is definitely worth a visit. The park is beautifully kept and with 22 different rides there is something for everyone. From the high speed Climax ride to rollercoasters for the youngest water lovers.
Between the thrills there are sun chairs where you can relax or you can head to the swim up bar for a cool drink. If you plan to spend the entire day in the park, it can be a good idea to rent a gazebo for the day to serve as a meeting, relaxing and dining spot between rides. You will need to be at the park early to get your hands on one as gazebos are limited.
Admission for adults is US 31$ and 19$ for children (2 – 12)

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3. Go wild in Bali Safari and Marine Park

Orangutans, white tigers, Komodo dragons, rhinos are among the many animals you can experience In Bali Safari and Marine Park. At the moment the emphasis is on the Safari part, but there are plans of extending the marine park.
One of the highlights of the park is the safari journey, where you drive in a mini bus through an open area where you can experience zebras, rhinos, tigers, hippos and lions in their “natural” habitat.
The park also has exhibits, with the white tigers and the komodo dragons as some of the most interesting. If you dream of riding an elephant that is an option too, if you prefer to enjoy the large animals from a distance you can watch one of parks elephant shows.
You can buy different admission packages, but a standard package, including admission, safari journey and entrance to series of shows costs 49$ for adults and 39$ for children (3-12). Shuttle busses take you back and forth from all major towns in southern Bali, including Ubud.

Bali Tree Top

4. See Bali from above in the Tree Top Park

Spend a day in the tree tops of Bali Tree Top Park north of Ubud.
With harness and carabineers you can climb, swing and glide your way through numerous circuits in the park, which is beautifully located within Bali Botanical Garden. There are circuits fitting all ages (From 4 years old and up) agility levels and appetites for thrills. Due to safety reasons there is a minimum height of 95 cm and maximum weight of 120 kg. You might end up with a bruise or two after a day in the park, but the family fun you have more than make up for it.
You can easily spend 2-3 hours in the park trying out the different circuits. While you are in the area, you should consider visiting one of Bali’s most beautiful temples, Ulun Danu that is located nearby.
Note that the park is located in the mountains, so the temperature is often cooler than at the coast, so on a cloudy day you might want to bring a bit of extra clothes.
Admission for adults is: US 21$ and 14$ for children. A family package (2 adults and 2 children) is US 55$.

5. Conquer Bali’s rafting rivers

Rushing down the rapids of one of Bali’s two rafting is the perfect family adventure activity. In central Bali you find two great rafting rivers, the Ayung and the Telaga rivers. Both are located north of Ubud. The rivers can be raftes all year round, but in the wet season when lots of water flows through the rivers the rapids are more challenging. You usually spend 1-2 hours in the raft, but with transport back and forth, instructions and getting ready, you will easily spend half a day.
Several companies arrange rafting trips and will pick you up in all the major towns in southern Bali. Prices varies from 80-30$ for an adult and a little less for children. Most often you get what you pay for. The more expensive operators will often provide a quality lunch and have better equipment.

Girl Drawing

6. Get creative and learn a traditional craft

Gather the family for a hands on activity. Several places, especially around Ubud, offer courses where you can learn a traditional Balinese crafts.
There are plenty of different options to pick from, including silversmithing, mask painting, wood carving, offering making, dance courses, yoga, cooking and gamelan playing.
You can either find a place that specialize in one type of class or you can visit the Museum Puri Lukisan or the ARMA that both have a wide range of courses to choose from. A course can take anything from a few hours to several days.

Walking Bali

7. Take a hike – or bike Bali’s back roads

Explore Bali countryside on foot or by bike. No matter where you stay in Bali rice paddies aren’t far away, but particularly in central Bali green rice fields with quacking ducks are waiting to be discovered everywhere. You can either go or you own or join an organized tour.
Another option is to go biking, which will take you further into rural Bali. You don’t want to go biking with kids on Bali’s main roads, so it can be a good idea to join an organized tour (there are several bike tour companies to choose from) as they know the small roads and will keep you away from cars and scooters.
Usually they will also be able to assist you with seats for the youngest family members.

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