With its unique and spiritual ambience, Bali is the perfect place for a romantic wedding.  The Island’s many spectacular villas, provide ample opportunities for to-be-weds to find a setting that matches their dream wedding, including a wedding right on the beach, surrounded by green terraced rice fields or on the cliffs towering the Indian Ocean.

To inspire you, we have collected seven villas in Bali that are perfect for weddings and will guarantee an unforgettable day for the married couple, as well as for the weddings guests.

1. The Pandawa Cliff Estate

Pala Weddings

The Pandawa Cliff Estate is perfectly suited for weddings. With several configuration options suitable from 50- 200 guests and bedrooms enough to sleep 32 adults plus children. Add to that a stone amphitheater that can serve as a stage for entertainment or music and lastly romantic clifftop views of the Indian Ocean.

2. The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an ultramodern villa complex in Bali’s Canggu region. The complex has 10 luxurious bedrooms including two bunk-bed bedrooms that sleeps 20 children. This offers you the option of having many of your wedding guests staying with you in the complex. The married couple will have a private pavilion including their very own 10-meter pool for the married couple.

The gardens are large enough to host a wedding of almost any size and have a wedding pergola to host the ceremony.

3. Villa Infinity

Wedding At Villa Infinity

With its own wedding chapel in the garden, the eight-bedroom large Villa Infinity is definitely designed for weddings. The endless rice field views just add to the magic.

The garden is large enough to host a party of 300 guests and should anyone need to cool down there is room for everyone in the 40-meter long pool

4. Villa Asada

Villa Asada

Villa Asada is uniquely located in the Candidasa area, a long way from Bali’s busiest tourist hubs. Surrounded by green hills and spectacular coastal views the scene is set perfectly for a wedding. The villas terraces and perfectly manicured lawns provide space enough for 50 guests sitting or up till 80 people standing. When the celebrations are over the bridal couple can retreat to one of the two master bedrooms, leaving room for 6 lucky others in the 3 additional bedrooms.

5. The Sahita

Wedding At Villa Sahita

If you are looking for a grand beachside wedding in Bali, there are few better options than Villa Sahita.

The 1.6 hectare landscaped grounds has room for 500 seated guests that can celebrate with Mengening Beach as a beautiful backdrop, which also will set the stage for perfect wedding photos when the sun begins to set.

6. Sungai Tinggi

Sungai Tinggi

Sungai Tinngi is among the most romantic villas in Bali. A green garden with frangipani’s, palm trees, and small pathways lined with rocks help set the scene for an intimate Bali wedding with space for up to 40 sitting guests.

The beach is literally a stone’s throw away from the villas, which just adds to the magic of villa Sungai Tinggi.

7. Majapahit complex

Majapahit Complex

The Majahapit complex consist of three villas (two 3-bedroom and one 4-bedroom villa) making it possible for the bridal couple to bring a full entourage of 18 people. For a more intimate wedding the 4 bedroom beachfront villa “Maya” can be rented.

The beachside garden has a Balinese temple where the happy couple can say their wows in front of the 100 guests the villa has room for.

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