Most people know Bali for the islands beautiful beaches and it unique culture, but Bali has plenty to offer if you are looking for adventure or just an active holiday. Here are 5 of our own favorite adventure activities.


Paragliding At The Bukit                                  If you want to experience Bali as seen through the eyes of an eagle you should try paragliding.  One of the most popular spots to set off flying is from the steep cliffs at Timbis beach on the Bukit Peninsula. Just take a step off the cliff and you’ll be flying above the sea with the local birds.

If you just want a taste of paragliding you can try a tandem flight with and instructor. If you ambitions are a bigger there are courses lasting from a few days to a week. As you gain experience even more spectacular flight awaits you, like circling the crater of the active volcano Mount Batur.


Your rafting mates are cheering and screaming as you rush through bumpy white water rapids. One of the bumps bounces you off your seat as you are hit by a splash of water. 30 seconds later you are in calm waters enjoying the beautiful Balinese landscape slowly passing by; the only sound to be heard is the distant sound of the next rapid awaiting you.

Bali has two major rivers for rafting, The Ayung and the Telaga Waja. Both are located in central Bali, but rafting operators will pick you for a day on the river in almost any of the major towns. The Ayung is the more accessible of the two while The Telaga Waja River is the more challenging, especially in the wet season, where the rapids gets stronger.


Just off the coast of Tulamben the 120 meter long WWII liberty wrecks rests silently on the ocean bed, in Manjangan islands crystal clear waters tiny pygmy seahorses are swimming among colorful waving gorgonian fans and at Padang Bai, sharks roam the waters, while the turtles live their slow paces lives among colorful fish. A short boat trip from Bali you have the chance to encounter the rare sunfish or swim with manta rays at Nusa Lembongan.

No matter you experience level or whether you are looking for an encounter with some of the oceans large creatures or prefer to study the underwater macro life, Bali has something for you. As long as you stay on the east or north coast or on one of the nearby islands, like Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida or The Gilis, you will easily find a dive operator that will take you exploring the Balinese waters.

Read more about diving Bali or download our free e-book on diving Bali.

Volcano climbing

Mt. Rinjani

Your breathing is heavy as you take the last steps to reach the summit of Mount Agung, in the horizon the sun is rising, casting and orange light upon Bali that lies at your feet.

With its 3031 meters, Mount Agung is Bali’s highest point. The climb can be done in 2-4 hours, but might take longer depending on route, physical fitness and weather. Special climbing equipment isn’t needed, but warm clothes are essential. Unless you are an experienced climber you should hire a guide and start out at around 2 am to reach the summit around sunset,

Another slightly easier option is Mount Batur, which can be summited in about two hours, or even faster if you are fit. Nearby is the picturesque Lake Batur, where you can rent kayaks and enjoy the views of the volcano from the lake.

If you are looking for something even more challenging, you should head to Lombok and climb Mt. Rinjani (photo). The view from Rinjani’s rim down on the blue lake inside the crater is one of the most spectacular you’ll ever come by.

Biking Bali

There is nothing like rolling through a Balinese village being greeted with the smiles and hellos from the local children or to find that perfect rice field view where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

Generally the Northern part, where there is less traffic and the landscape is more diverse, is best for biking in Bali.

There are tour operators that offer organized tours in Bali or you can adventure on your own. In places like Ubud you can rent bikes of varied quality. If you plan on cycling central Bali it gets hilly, so be sure to check the gears, before you go exploring.