Do you consider eco-living dull and bland? Take a look at these three Balinese dream eco-villas that are just the opposite.

Villa Taman Ahimsa

Eco Villa Taman Ahimsa

Villa Taman Ahimsa is not just an eco- conscious villa, but also one of the most amazing villas in Bali. Taman Ahimsa meaning “where one can discover spaces created for retreat” and the villa definitely lives up to its name. If the rural setting with amazing ocean and sunset views isn’t enough to leave hectic everyday life behind, the peaceful garden, the massage bale and the meditation circle will surely do the job.

Villa Taman Ahimsa is based on the Balinese philosophy, Tri Hita Karana, which focuses on creating harmony among Human, God and Nature. The constructions are made of natural materials that blend in with the surroundings and the pool employs a low-to-no chemical ozone system that is soft on the earth and gentle on the skin.

In the kitchen the villas two cooks use organic vegetables and fruits and ayurvedic ingredients when preparing meals that often include fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

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Gili Eco Villas

Gili Eco Villas

Gili Eco villas is not just one but two villas located on Gili Trawangan. Located one hours boat ride from Bali, Gili Eco Villas hardly qualify as a Bali villa, but with the effort they put into sustainability, Gili Eco villas definitely deserve to be on the list.

With the islands no car, no motorcycle policy the Gili islands is an ideal place to setup green villas. Gili Eco villas are situated right on the beach with easy access to the Gilis crystal clear waters.

The villas are built from recycled teak wood and with the pool pump and the air conditioning as the only exceptions, all energy comes from solar power and wind energy. Further a bio-degradable waste-water treatment system and rubbish recycling, ensures that the impact on the environment is minimal, putting the water and compost to use in the villas vegetable garden and green house. Needless to say that the vegetables are organic.

In addition to the above Gili eco villas has established a Bio rock system in front of the beach to aid the re-growth of coral reef.

All in all, this makes the Gili Eco Villas the perfect place to relax in style with a green conscious.

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Lila Bamboo Villa

Eco Villa Lila Bamboo Villa

The 3 floor Lila bamboo villa, situated next to a small river near Ubud is constructed based on a philosophy with respect for humanity and the environment. The architecture is traditional Balinese with a focus on sustainable materials like bamboo, thatches and river stones. The way Lila Bamboo has been placed combined with sliding doors and windows allows air to flow freely in and out of the villa leaving out the need for air-conditioning.

A stay at Lila Bamboo villa also offers the opportunity to participate in one or more of the villas activities. Find peace by joining a yoga class, learn to cook healthy raw food or treat your body and mind with one of the several purification and rejuvenation programs.

As a part of Lila Bamboo you also find the villas own vegetables and herbal gardens, three temples, 3 three cows and five dogs.

60% of the rent from Lila Bamboo Villa goes to the Satya Graha Ashram Foundation, a non- profit organization that among its many projects offer free yoga, Sanskrit and herbal classes to the Balinese people.

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