Ubud is like nowhere else in Bali. You feel it right away when you first get there. Creativity, spirituality and people who focus on a healthy life style is everywhere. That is reflected in Ubud’s food scene. Healthy natural juices, raw food and organic vegetarian dishes are found all over Ubud.

We have collected 5 of our favorite places to a meal that not only fills your stomach, but renew your energy before exploring Ubud further. For those thinking this is all a little too much, I’d rather have a big steak, I recommend giving it a try anyway. I was kind of skeptical too, but I must admit that the food is generally very well prepared and tasty and if you don’t agree I’ll let you in on where can get a good steak in Ubud at the end of this post.

The places below are quality places, but so are most places in Ubud. I can’t remember leaving an restaurant in Ubud disappointed, so there are probably other places than the ones listed below, that delivers good value, so fell free to leave a comment if have come by a place worth recommending.

Clear café

Clear Cafe Ubud

Clear Café is located on Jalan Hanoman, just fifty meters down the road from the Ubud main street. This elegant place is constructed mainly in bamboo and wood. You leave your shoes by the entrance and enter bare feeted – there are slippers you can use for the bathroom. The crowd is what I would describe as yoga hipsters, many with laptops, getting some work done to the lounge music that usually plays at Clear café.

On the menu there is a long list of tonics, juices and shakes that all seem to have some kind of healing effect.  Most food  is organic and among the options there are raw pizzas, salads and quesadillas with goat cheese and mushroom fillings. The cakes here are good too.

Bali Buddha

If you are looking for a large Bintang, Bali Buddha will leave you disappointed, as no alcohol is served here, but if you are on the lookout for a Green super food smoothie, a cleansing drink or a serving of bee pollen Bali Buddha is the right place for you. For something more filling try one of the vegetarian burgers or a cashew and tofu curry. For those who prefer meat, there are a few meat dishes on the menu as well.

Bali Buddha is found on Jalan Jembawan, just opposite the Ubud post office.


Kafé is a nice little café 700-800 meters down Jalan Hanoman from the Ubud main road. They have a set menu of with vegetarian, raw food and dishes with meat and seafood, plus a changing specials menu.  Most of the food is organic.

If you are on a strict healthy diet, stay away from the counter where cakes are on display, as they can be very hard to resist.  If you can’t, the café serves some good coffee to go with it.

Kafé also run a plastic bottle recycling program, so you hand in your empty plastic bottles for recycling.

A couple of places to balance it all out.

If you want to balance it all out with a bit of meat ans a little less healthy food, a nice portion of Babi Guling at Ibu Oka or a tenderloin steak at café des artistesshould satisfy you cravings. The Babi Guling is Bali’s famed version of suckling pig and is served for lunch and is found just just opposite Ubud palace. Café de Artistes is a Belgian inspired café on Jalan Bisma thatprobaly serves the best steakes in town.