Monkey watching, spa and massage treatments, fine dining and experiencing Ubuds lush green rice terraces are among the many things to do in Ubud. Here are Vilondo’s 15 things to do in Ubud list:

1. Enjoy the beauty of the rice terraces around Ubud

The most visited and photographed rice paddies in the Ubud area are the beautiful terraced fields at Tegallalang.

Another option is just to go exploring the rice paddies surrounding Ubud on your own. That gives you the opportunity to soak in the beauty of the fields without the crowds.

Ubud Rice Terrace

2. Visit Pura Taman Saraswati

This picturesque temple located right in the heart of Ubud honors Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, literature and art.

Pura Taman Saraswati is set within a beautiful water garden with thousands of lotus flowers, so bring your camera.

Learn more about Ubud’s temples.

Pura Taman Saraswati

3. Take a walk in the Monkey forest

The Monkey forest is the home of a group of Balinese long-tailed macaques.They are not shy, so hold on to your belongings.

Apart from the monkeys you’ll also find 3 temples within the forest, including Pura Dalem Agung (The temple of death) which has some interesting carvings.

4. Museum Puri Lukisan

This “Palace of Paintings” showcases modern Balinese paintings and drawings and is mandatory for anyone with an interest in Balinese art.

As you walk through the museums three buildings, you will see how Balinese painting styles have developed since the 1930’s up till to day.

Even without the paintings Museum Puri Lukasan would be worth a visit just for the tropical garden with its status and lotus flower ponds.

5. Watch the herons at Petulu return home

Every afternoon at around 5 pm you can watch thousands of herons arrive at their home in Petulu after day in the rice fields.

It is an impressive sight to watch the herons landing in the trees getting ready for the night. The village of Petulu is located about 2.5 km north of Ubud.

Img 2931

6. Enjoy a Yoga lesson

Ubud is the spiritual capital of Bali and is the ideal place for yoga. The people at The Yoga Barn will help you to get your lotus position just right.

7. Learn to cook the Balinese way

There are several places in Ubud that offers cooking classes.

Usually they start at the market, where you get to know the local ingredients before cooking up a Balinese lunch or dinner.

8. Bike your way through Bali’s countryside

Biking is a great way to explore Bali’s country side.

You can rent a bike and go on your own or you can join an organized tour with – see our list of Ubud cycling tour operators here .

If you go on your own, stick to the back roads as the traffic on the main roads can be nerve wrecking.


9. Wander around the Ubud palace grounds

You find the Ubud palace right in the center of Ubud.

The local royal family lives here, but you can still stroll the grounds and admire the buildings.

10. Visit Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA)

The ARMA is much more than an art museum it is also the host of a large number of cultural events.

The museum is set in a beautiful garden and is the only place in Bali where you see paintings of the highly influential German painter Walter Spies.

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11. Dine at Mozaic

Mozaic is by many considered to be Bali’s best restaurant.

Chef Salan prepares different tasting menu’s you can enjoy inside or in the beautiful garden. The cuisine is French with a Balinese flavor.

When it comes to dining Ubud has several good options – see our favorite Ubud restaurants here.

Img 0554

12. Explore the Treetops of Bedugul

Locate in Bedugul botanical gardens, an hour’s drive from Ubud, you find Bali treetop Adventure Park, where you can explore the local tree tops attached to cables.

There are circuits to match all sizes and ages – a great place for a family trip.

13. Visit Gunung Kawi

These ancient monuments are the closest thing you come to Angkor Wat in Bali. Gunung Kawi is located 18 km north east of Ubud and consists of 10 impressive rock-carved shrines.

Guning Kawi

14. Experience a traditional dance show

There are plenty of traditional dance shows to choose from in Ubud, including the impressive kecak fire and trance dance.

Shows are held on different venues, so the best way to find a dance show is to go to the tourist office and ask for the schedule for the period you are in town.

Img 9666

15. Renew your energy with a spa and massage treatment

Ubud has a myriad of spa and massage salons that will make you feel relaxed.

A treatment can be anything from half an hour to a week program including fasting and natural juice drinking.

You do not have to look far in Ubud to find a spa and massage place or you can start by looking at our guide to Ubud’s spas.

(16.) Stay in a private villa in Ubud

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Vilondo being a villa rental company, we can’t help mentioning that Ubud has some extremely beautiful villas, many overlooking lush green river valleys and rice paddies..  We have more than 65 villas in Ubud to choose from – in all sizes and for any budget.

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