Amed Bali

Photo by Mikaku

The stretch of coast name Amed in eastern Bali is a great place to get away from the crowds in the South. The pace of life in Amed is slow compared to most of Bali’s tourist hubs, however the area don’t lack options when it comes to activities. Here we have listed our 12 favorite things to do in Amed.

1. Go wreck diving

Along the Amed coastline there are several good snorkeling spots, including the wreck of a sunken Japanese fishing boat. For some world-class diving head 20 minutes north to the USAT Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben. The 120 meter long wreck of a WWII transporter is the home of thousands of different species and is considered to be Bali’s number one dive site. The point of the wreck nearest to the coast can be reached with snorkel gear, but you need scuba equipment to fully explore the wreck.

2. Watch salt being made

Salt production is a traditional craft in the Amed region. Even though it is not as common as it used to, it can still be watched in Jemeluk and Amed Village.

The process of creation salt from seawater takes around ten days. First seawater is carried and onto “salt fields,” once dry the soil is filtered through bamboo cones and the filtered water is left to dry in drying pans made of palm tree.

3. Learn to free dive

Freediving Amed

Learn how to explore the depths of the ocean with just a single breath. There are a couple of free diving schools that offer freediving courses where you will learn breathing techniques, how to move effectively through the water and everything else needed to dive deeper than you imagined possible.

4. Climb Mount Agung

The 3031 meter tall volcano is the highest point on the island. You need to be fit to climb the volcano and it is recommended to bring a guide unless you are an experienced climber. Most people do the climb very early to take advantage of the coolness of the night and to reach the summit just in time to view the sunrise over Lombok and the Gili Islands across the sea.

5. Visit the Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Taman Tirta Gangga Temple

Photo by Audrey

About a 20 minute drive from Amed you find Tirta Gangga home of Taman Tirta Gangga or The Water Palace. The palace has several swimming pools as well as ornamental pools filled with Koi and lotus blossoms.

In addition to that, the Tirta Gangga area has some of east Bali’s most beautiful terraced rice fields, so it is worth setting aside some time to hike the countryside if you visit Tirta Gangga.

6. Trek the Amed countryside

There are several tracks leading inland from the coast that will take you through small villages and up the slopes of Mount Seraya. The mountain and the oceans make good navigational points, so you are unlikely to get truly lost. The ambitious can aim for the summit of Mount Seraya, which should take you around 3 hours and will award you with panoramic views.

7. Visit Jemeluk Bay

The black sanded beach at Jemeluk Bay isn’t ideal for sunbathing as the beach is more gravel than sand and often packed with colorful fishing boats. The snorkeling on the beach is very good though and the atmosphere can be magical at night. There is a viewpoint above the bay from where you can watch the colors change at sunset before you head down to one of the small warungs on the beach for an evening meal.

8. Go sea kayaking

Amed Kayak

Amed Canoe takes you on four-hour sea kayaking tours that also include time for snorkeling. They offer three daily tours. These tours include: a sunset tour in the morning and a bright light tour at 8:30 a.m. There is also a sunset tour starting at 14:30. In the days around the full moon, you have the additional option of a moon gazing trip.

9. Pedal your way through Eastern Bali

Amed Bike Tour 2

Several operators arrange guided bike tours in eastern Bali and there are tours matching any skill and fitness level. From slow paced trips through rice fields and villages, to faster downhill rides down the roads of Mt. Agung, or more enduring rides off the beaten track.  One thing all tours have in common is that a bike tour can take you to places you wouldn’t have seen otherwise and bring you closer to the people living there.

10. Relax with a traditional massage

After a day of biking, kayaking – or simply as a bit of self-pampering – you should treat yourself with a massage. Like everywhere in Bali, Amed has several good places to pick from. Many of the better ones are located within resorts, guesthouses and hotels, but you can also opt for simple massage from one of the ladies offering massages right on the beach.

11. Take a cruise in a traditional fishing boat

Fishing Boat Amed

Photo by Loïc Lagarde

The local fishermen will often be happy to take you on a small cruise in their fishing boats. Simply ask around and negotiate a price with one of the fishermen. The best time for a sail trip is around sunset where you can watch the impressive site of the sun setting behind the majestic Mount Agung.

12. Stand up paddle in Jemeluk Bay

In Jemeluk Bay, next to Apneista Freediving School, there is a small place where you can rent stand-up paddle boards (SUP), which is a fun way to explore the bay. No instructions are given, but most people pick up the technique quickly as the boards are relative large and stable.

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