Jimbaran is one of the most popular destinations in Bali for travelers. One of the main draws is the Jimbaran bay and the beautiful beach. However, there are plenty of other things to do in Jimbaran than visiting the beach.

Here is our list of things to do in Jimbaran.

1. Seafood barbeque on the beach

Dining At Jimbaran Bay

Eating fresh seafood from one of the warungs on the beach that serves grilled seafood right at the water’s edge at night is a Jimbaran must-do. There are clusters of seafood restaurants at each end of the bay, and a cluster in the middle. The menu is more or less the same in all of them. Uou simply pick what you like from the fish on display and pay by the gram.

2. Design your own fragrance at a perfume creation workshop

Perfume Workshop JimbaranAt the Ayana resort you can join a perfume creation workshop in L’Atelier Parfums et Créations. You’ll be guided through every step of the process and get to bring home your very own fragrance as a fun souvenir or memory of you stay in Bali.

A workshop can be 90 minutes or 3 hours. For the youngest members of the family there are one hour workshops for kids.

3. Unwind with a spa treatment

Spa Treatment Jimbaran

No stay in Bali is complete without a visit to a Balinese spa or a massage. Jimbaran has its share of spas and among them are some of the most elegant on the island. Spas aren’t hard to find in Jimbaran, but they vary greatly in quality and cost. They can range from less than $10 an hour, to well-above $100. It’s important to note that price and quality generally goes hand-in-hand.  For fairly priced massage treatments Opium Beauty is a popular option, whilst Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane is a popular high-end option.

4. Enjoy a sunset cocktail in on of Bali’s most spectacular bars

Unique Rooftop Bar

Around Jimbaran you find a couple of the islands hippest spots for a sunset cocktail. The Rock Bar (inside the Ayana resort), perched on the rocks above the Indian Ocean, has for long been the coolest bar on the Bukit Peninsula. Also, it has recently received competition from the UNIQUE Rooftop Bar (inside the Rimba resort and created by the same people as the Rock Bar). The bar offers spectacular views from its own infinity pool to the tree tops of the Uluwatu hills and the Indian ocean in the distance.

5. Pick your favorite seafood at the Jimbaran fish Market

The Jimbaran fish market is the largest of its kind in Bali and this is where most of the seafood in southern Bali is sourced from. Get there early, around sunset, and you can watch the fishing boats unload their catches of red snapper, mahi mahi, squids, shellfish, and loads of other fish living in the waters around Bali. Getting there early comes with the added benefit of having the best selection of fresh fish to choose from.

You find the fish market at the northern most end of Jimbaran Bay.

6. Go deep sea fishing

Ocean Fishing Jimbaran 2

If you would rather catch your own fish, Bali Fishing Sensation arranges fishing trips on their boat Dewi Ocean. Here, you have the chance of hauling in serious big catches like tuna, mackerel, snapper, mahi mahi, and amberjack.

You can contact them through their website (below) to arrange a trip.

7. Explore Jimbaran’s produce market

Jimbaran Produce Market

The produce market in Jimbaran is known as one of the best of its kind in Bali. The quality and the variety is excellent even though the market is relative compact. For the greatest variety and the best product you need to get there early, which is around sunrise.  If getting up at 5 a.m. on your holiday doesn’t tempt you, the market is still a fun place to visit later in the day.

8. Spend a day at the Jimbaran beaches

Balangan Beach Jimbaran
One of the main draws of Jimbaran is the bay and the Jimbaran beach that is among the most children friendly in Bali. The sand is soft and the water within the bay is generally calm which making Jimbaran beach much more suitable for swimming and safe suitable for swimming compared to the popular surf beaches nearby.

If you are looking for a beach with surf breaks, head southwest to Balangan Beach which is rated as one Bali’s best surf spots.

9. Visit Jimbaran’s Pura Ulun Siwi temple

Pura Ulun Siwi is one of Jimbaran’s locale temples and it is found right in the heart of Jimbaran, near the located in the center of Jimbaran near the produce market. The temple is made out of black rock and dates back to the 18thcentury. Pura Ulun Siwi might not be as impressive as some Bali’s better known temples, but it is worth making a stop at.

The temple waters are known to have powers that scare of rodents and local farmers use water from the temple to protect and bless their fields.

10. Paint a pot at Jenggala Keramik

Paint A Pot

Jenggala Keramik Bali is a popular place to shop ceramics in Jimbaran, but it also has “Paint-a-pot” programs. Here, under guidance from Jenggala’s staff, you can paint mugs, bowls, plates, and cups.

Don’t’ leave this activity till the end of your vacation as your creation needs to be fired in Jenggala’ kilns and it takes 4-5 days before it is ready.

The paint a pot workshop is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.

11. Get your adrenaline flowing with a game of paintball

Bali Paint Ball Arena
Challenge your friends or family to a game of paintball at Bali paintball arena. The arena has two courses with an island and castle theme and the second one with a village theme. These are both a great setting for a few hours of friendly battle.

The ball arena is located in the southern part of the Bukit Peninsula, but pick-up from Jimbaran is included in the price.

(12) Stay in one of Jimbaran’s specatular villas

Jimbaran Villa

We admit it, this one probably doesn’t belong on a things-to-do list, but Vilondo being a villa rental company, that Jimbaran has some pretty nice villas and we have handpicked the nicest of them for you. You can view our villas in Jimbaran here and if you need assistance, our Bali based villa experts are always ready to help you.